UX Researcher

Why does the role exist?

13 million people have less than £500 savings and when there’s a bump in the road they have limited options and the options they do have might make matters worse. At Oakbrook we’re trying to give people sensible options and are continually innovating to find better solutions that will help people thrive and improve their lives.

To do this we’ve created “The Seekers”, a team of talented people that rapidly generate and test ideas by talking to customers, building prototypes, watching how people use them and continuously improving.

Are you a talented User Researcher that can help us build amazing products that can change people’s lives for the better?

Oakbrook Culture

To put it bluntly — it’s about making progress and owning what you do. We don’t hide behind fancy job titles or set up bureaucratic processes. Instead we treat each other equally, fairly and give them a ton of freedom and autonomy to create something awesome.

We don’t know what we’ll be working on month to month, maybe we’ll hit big, maybe we won’t, but we all learn something from the experience to take us a step closer to the solution. The real beauty is the customer is involved every step of the way so we know we’re building something that really works for them.

We also expect people to learn new skills in order to get the job done, you might be a world class researcher but if it’s editing the FAQ’s or ordering the pizza that is stopping us launching a test then we’d expect you to offer to help and get stuck in – no passengers here.

What you’ll be doing:

You will represent our customers and the context around them in everything we do.

Using all the tools in your box you will surface:

  • The issues our audience face that we could help solve
  • How are they currently solving them?
  • Are our ideas better solutions and is there a market for them?

Using what you find you will turn this into digestible insights to help the whole business understand our customers better so we can focus our efforts on what will help improve their lives.

You’ll work within an agile, fast-moving and creative team – with the goal of finding the next big thing. Collaborating with individuals from design, software and the analysts, you’ll be involved in the user experience process from ideation through mock ups and testing and eventually to release.

You’ll bring your experience to help guide us in the early stages and also when it’s time to scale and build. Rapid prototyping and iterating is key to how we work – so don’t be too precious!

Core skills

You’ll be comfortable conducting qualitative and quantitive research. You’ll receive requests for insight in addition to offering up your intimate knowledge of our audience. Leading the practical side of delivering these insights, you’ll be asked for insights ranging from what problems our general audience have, detailed prototype usability testing through to ongoing performance monitoring analytics of scaled products.

What are the core non-technical skills or attributes?

Hopefully you thrive in a team environment and are willing to share and spread your knowledge as well as learn new things from a variety of disciplines. The confidence to share your opinions with the team and the wider organisation as well as producing useful, concise and well communicated materials are also core attributes we’re looking for. We fail fast, but learn faster and having the drive and desire to work in this way is crucial.

In return, you will be working with a fast-growing innovative team at our modern offices in Nottingham City Centre. We offer a competitive salary and fantastic benefits.
If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them so get in touch us at recruitment@oakbrookfinance.com