Product Manager

About Mind Candy

Mind Candy’s vision is to create the greatest family entertainment company in the world for this new digital generation. Having taken a first step down that path with the massive success of the Moshi Monsters franchise, we are now building on that with many groundbreaking new products. Most recently, World of Warriors was selected to be “Editor’s Choice” by Apple and was included on the App Store’s “Best of 2014” list.

About the Role

The Product Manager role demands principled thinking, innate product instincts, large analytical capacity, and the ability to understand complex game loops and how they impact the business results of a product

Qualified candidates will have the opportunity to work amongst star engineers, artists, producers, game and toy designers in a fast-paced, highly creative and collaborative environment. What is unique about Mind Candy is that we aren’t just a games company. With Moshi Monsters, we also built up an award winning team of experts in the toys, movies, books, and magazine industries. Much of the fun here involves thinking about how all of these forms of media can integrate with our digital products to invent new forms of entertainment. The Product Manager has a critical role in driving this vision forward.


* Be responsible for the full product/game lifecycle, from writing specifications, working across multi-disciplinary teams: design, art, and engineering to launch core features
* Leverage analytics and quantitative analysis to track game performance, tune mechanics, and identify new features to move KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
* Apply “First Principles” thinking to understand the core fundamentals the product and use that to unlock innovative recommendations and solutions
* Be an expert on industry trends and the competitor landscape to evolve our thinking


* 3+ experience in leading the development of a successful game title
* Experience with new product launches, including developing strategies around soft launches to validate KPIs
* Experience with live game operations managing feature and content roadmaps
* Able to transform high volumes of data into actionable insights (SQL knowledge is a plus)
* Equipped with a proven methodology or process for feature prioritisation
* Stellar design instincts and product taste. Including the ability to distinguish a feature or system as being accessible versus too niche or core
* Can provide examples of an individual contribution to a product idea that delivered successful results
* Can provide examples where you have unlocked new ideas by leveraging the collective creativity of your team
* Comfortable working in a dynamic, agile environment
* A technical background with a computer science or engineering degree is a plus