Communication Design Manager

Memrise gives people learning superpowers. We aim to help anyone achieve confident, real-world language skills in just a few short months. Our product is innovative and fun, and it delivers the goods.

We were awarded “Best App of 2017” at Google I/O and featured prominently this year at Apple’s WWDC. We work closely with both Google and Apple and are one of the top go-to developer partners when they launch new features on iOS and Android.

We are now hiring a Communication Design Manager to help us bring our language learning communication to life through playful, bold and empathetic experiences.

We have just completed an in-depth rebrand project and now have clear direction on how we can best manifest our character through our products and communications. Now is time to bring that identity to life! It’ll be your mission to own this direction and ensure that it permeates the visual language and branding of Memrise communications across the whole organisation. We’re still a startup though so you’ll need to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in too.


What might a typical week might look like?

  • Work with our two communication designers to ensure they have what they need to produce their best work
    • Help Memrisers understand the role of design in communication, especially within marketing
    • Ensure processes support everyone to do their best work, from ideation to implementation
    • Provide creative direction and feedback
  • Be the connection between marketing and communication design; understand what the marketing objectives and priorities are and how design can support them
  • Elevate our communications so that everything the public sees clearly drives our brand forward – social media, campaigns, email, print etc…
  • Meet with our Design Technologist to discuss new integrations or tools that will help you work more effectively
  • Take part in our regular design team critique sessions where we support each other to produce our best work
  • Present your work to the wider company

Ideally you will have some of the following experience:

  • Demonstrated track record of taking the essence and personality of a brand from guidelines to real world use, ensuring our graphic language has meaning and our experiences are coherent
  • Experience with consumer-facing, playful, bold brands. You’re keen to connect with our users to understand the motivations behind their behaviours and so create communications that can truly engage them
  • Able to manage, inspire and mentor other communication designers
  • Experience working with marketing
  • Demonstrable experience of designing across design and print, with a passion for typography, imagery, layout, colour and how they can be used to tell a compelling story to our users

If you aren’t completely confident that you fit our exact criteria, please get in touch nevertheless. Humility is a wonderful thing and we’re not interested in hiring ‘rockstars’ or ‘ninjas’. And we’re above all just as interested in character as in talent!


– A fully paid Memrise account, of course

– Share options, so you can retire on an island

– Budget for training, conferences and books

– Flexible working options (time-wise, plus we have standing desks)

– Private health insurance

– Quarterly hackathons

– Breakfast (the most important meal of the day)

– Snacks (the most enjoyable meal of the day)

– A startup-suitable array of teas and coffees

– Language classes with in-office tutors

– Pet friendly office and pet-petting colleagues

– Cycle-to-work scheme

– 50% off a PureGym membership

– And plenty more fun you’re welcome to ignore, including: team vacations, painting, meditation, yoga, football, dodgeball, running club, board games, and boxing classes.

We’re an equal opportunity employer. If it’s okay, we’re not going to list examples of people and groups we don’t discriminate against. We don’t discriminate, full stop. We celebrate.