Senior Product Manager / Product Owner

MOO is looking for an experienced Senior Product Manager / Product Owner to drive the strategy, discovery, and delivery of our NFC digital platform and next generation product innovations. We have ambitious goals and are looking for passionate, multi-talented product leaders with a proven record of delivering useful, usable and delightful products and services who are up for the challenge.

We are a company full of design nerds, geeks, comedians, bakers, scientists, artists, football fans and many, many other things but one thing we all have in common is a passion for building amazing products that make our customers thrive.


We hope you’re familiar with what is expected of a Product Manager / Product Owner in a high growth, agile product development environment, so we’ll leave out the basics and focus a few big, meaty objectives:

Define and deliver the product roadmap for our NFC digital marketplace and platform. This is one of the most exciting innovation initiatives at MOO connecting our customers’ offline and online worlds.

Lead and inspire a multi-disciplininary crew of engineers and designers to deliver truly outstanding products within a fast-paced environment requiring lean, iterative, MVP process while supporting a revenue generating core customer base.

Collaborate to identify future areas of sustaining and new growth innovation via user-centered methods. Work with VP Product to develop a minimum viable innovation system for assessing opportunities, leading discovery initiatives, and sheparding projects to market.

Drive and facilitate decisionmaking. You think strategically and communicate at high level, but are also expecyed to dive into the details of an interface, clickstream report, or Jira backlog. You understand the give and take between velocity, scope and schedule and communicate the compromises when resources are finite.

A key objective for a Product Manager / Product Owner is not to identify the best from the worst idea, but to identify the best idea from the second best idea. In a world where there are inherent unknowns – analytics and quant research can only take us so far. You’ll be expected to have strong opinions, based on experience, but also the ability to take something quickly from idea to design, prototype and iteration; and ultimately feel comfortable killing projects that don’t live up.

Mobile first. You get it. You’re an evangelist within MOO , but you also can communicate the challenges, compromises, and opportunities mobile provides in context of our customer jobs to be done.

You shall most likely eat a lot of cake.

About You

You love product. You love taking things apart, putting them back together, debating features, making things better, and convincing your friends and family to buy this versus that. You aren’t satisfied until you know how something works and are intrigued by juicy product problems in search of elegant, simple solutions.

You love making (and ‘strategery’). Your perfect week might include facilitating a user story mapping session, discussing the difference between sustaining innovation and new growth innovation with the CEO at the coffee machine, deep diving for insights in your analtyics dashboard, creating a low-fi prototype to make a point then sharing it with a customer or two, and finally celebrating the weeks’ wins over cake (and libations).

You are customer-centric and data curious. Actionable customer insights make you squirm with unbridled joy. You value user research and actively search out opportunities to understand customer needs for both quick wins and the basis of innovation (and love sharing the stories).

You are a scientist. For you scientific method and iteration are a way of life. You naturally develop hypotheses and test them rigorously even with things like making the perfect omelette for breakfast (it takes lots of practice).

You aren’t easily labeled. Your path to creating digital products is most likely not a straight one. Maybe at heart you’re an interaction designer by trade who dabbles in code, an engineer who’s passionate about innovation frameworks and behavioural psychology, or a gregarious YouTube star with an inventive streak (we already have one of these).