Head of Product

What do we want from you?

We need Product! We’re a fairly young start-up and we recognise that we need product in on the ground floor, so we’re looking for someone to work with us to create and run the product function for Bulbshare.com as our Chief Product Officer. Everything from vision to strategy to delivery.

This is a C-suite level position so you’ll be working very closely with Matt Hay our CEO, and Christoph, our CTO, and also with the Board as needed.

Who are we?

Bulbshare.com offers a service – via our B2B2C mobile first online platform – that facilitates co-creation and audience collaboration for our Enterprise clients. Our clients are largely global brands, such as ebay & Unilever, and we have a crowd-sourced group of people (user base sounds so impersonal) who help us with the questions our clients need answers to.

Our team is about more than just the day to day; it’s about solving the key problems facing our customers – how do they improve their companies, bring successful products to market or develop insightful brands and campaigns, etc. Our growth so far has been tremendous and we want you to be part of this journey, shaping our strategy for the future. We believe that technology can make a good difference in the world – yes we run a profit making company but we believe that our clients can create better experiences for everyone by working with people rather than in isolation.

What are we looking for?

You need to love what you do and want to use and share your knowledge / skills in a ‘start from scratch’ start-up product environment. You’ll be a product team of one – at least initially – so you need to be just as happy working on product strategy as getting hands-on with the CTO and development team.

Someone with a proven track record of developing and delivering mobile first platforms or sites with great user experiences ideally in the B2B, SaaS, Analytics or Customer Insight, spaces.

You know that UX, product usage and user-evidenced decisions and roadmaps deliver results. You’re comfortable owning the product development process, prioritising based on evidence and you obsess over optimising every part of the interactions our platform supports. You know that delighting people wins every time.

Also if you have previous experience of fundraising / pitching to investors (we’re at the Series A stage) that would be a great bonus.

What are some of the things you’re likely to be working on?

  • Creating our product function!
  • Communicate, inspire and influence in order to ensure alignment between product roadmap, stakeholder needs, market changes / requirements and the overall Company strategy.
  • Driving the product strategy and working with development re platform build / rollout as well as future innovation.
  • Continuous improvement of our offering – whether it’s our website, mobile apps or API integrations.
  • Running ongoing user research and testing to ensure what we build is needs based – we don’t want to be a feature factory who ships anything and everything and then forgets about it.
  • Collaborating across the business to define, prioritise and deliver features/services that delight our customers and users.
  • Create an experimentation, ‘fail fast & learn from it’ product culture – taking from whatever works best for the business, whether that’s lean or agile (and we mean the real principles behind agile) or some never before seen hybrid of all of them
  • Lead, manage and inspire the product function to ensure we focus on innovation and creating delightful experiences for people.

What are we offering?

First and foremost, the opportunity to create your product function from scratch within a
new-ish start-up. We’re not naïve enough to think that it will all be rainbows and unicorns but we can promise a competitive salary, share scheme and lots of coffee and cake (or cheese and wine if that’s more your thing) as well as working with a genuinely great bunch of people in our offices near London Bridge station in South London also we operate flexible working so if you need that day at home then no problem.