Senior Product Manager

Kinsa is looking for a Product Manager or Senior Product Manager (depending on experience) in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is an opportunity to own and bring to life new features & products that have meaningful impact and advance an important social mission. You have the chance to work on products that are the first of their kind and truly be on the front lines of product innovation for something that actually matters. We’re looking for someone to drive the strategy and day-to-day execution for a suite of mobile app features that help parents keep their families healthier, and which represent a primary engine of growth for the company.
Kinsa was founded with a mission to stop illness from spreading by knowing where and when it starts. We’ve done this by transforming the first device you grab when sickness strikes – the thermometer – into a sensor to detect when and where illness is rising, and communicate with those who have just fallen ill. Our connected products help people and communities stay healthy while advancing a broader mission: to create a real time map of human health in order to track — and stop — the spread of disease. See our products in action here.