Senior PM for a new learning paradigm

Are you looking for a new adventure with positive impact?

We are on the mission to change worldwide education. We are in the process of building a new paradigm for learning alongside existing education systems. Based on the best practice of the 100 most innovative schools from around the world and in collaboration with 20 disruptive thought leaders for learning, we are developing new learning elements, learning spaces and learning technologies that are responsive to the inspirations, needs and challenges of today’s children and future generations to come. Our objective is to empower 100.000.000 learners and 100.000 schools by 2030.

Based out of the heart of Barcelona in our Barcelona Learning Innovation Community (BLIC, 1200m2 @ Enrique Granados 7) we offer an agile and innovative environment where you can bring the best out of yourself. Ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure?


Role Overview

We’re looking for our first senior product person to join our growing team. As someone coming into such a pivotal role in the company, you will influence how our products look, behave and feel over the coming years.

You should send us an application if you:

  • Are searching for a startup-like environment with a solid funding.
  • Are looking for a Senior Product Management role where your experience will make the difference.
  • Love to collect product ideas and if you know now how to use hypotheses and data to validate these ideas in a lean way.
  • Love to collaborate directly with a cross-functional product development team to really make things happen!

What we expect from you:

  • Understanding the problem: We want you to understand educators, parents and learners, as well as learn about their main challenges and problems to shape our products in the right way. We love a user-centered design approach and would expect you to know and use methodologies like Customer Interviews, Personas, Story Maps, Customer Journey Maps, JTBD, … to keep track of these customer insights.
  • Besides that, we expect you to keep an eye on the education industry to stay ahead of the game. You should know as much as possible about our market and competition.
  • Finding a solution: There always are many solutions to a problem. We want you to be creative and to find various solutions (with the team ?) for each customer problem. And we expect you being able to sketch/explain them well throughout the company. We love hypothesis and data-driven product development and expect you to be able to validate ideas in a lean way. Experiments like fake door tests, concierge tests, usability tests should ring a bell, and you would be able to pick the right experiment for your product development phase.
  • Do some planning: Now that you have a tested hypothesis about what to build and for whom, we expect you to be able to prioritize wisely and be able to explain your way of doing so to your team and the rest of the company. We expect you to be able to create some kind of “what’s next” and an execution plan in addition to the necessary specifications.
  • Get it done with team: We have a great team of developers based everywhere around the world, and we hope you will enjoy working directly with a tech team. We expect you to find a good, agile way of working with our team, and we expect you to help them deliver great quality software that solves the customer’s problem as fast as possible. You don’t mind creating wireframes, user stories, backlog items and acceptance criteria, and you are able to explain well what the current work package is all about!
  • Listen and learn: Are you keen to see how the software you delivered is doing out there? Great! We expect you to track the success of your product and user behaviour to generate even better solutions in the future.
  • Grow: Yes, we want you to grow and we want the team to grow. So if you don’t mind  learning new things and sharing your existing knowledge, you are a perfect fit!

Other than that, we hope you don’t mind:

  • Making sure your product is in line with our overall company strategy.
  • Collaboration with your key stakeholders.
  • A hands-on attitude in everything you do.
  • Being a great communicator! We expect sound communication skills combined with fluency in English