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There are many different versions of product management. In some companies it might feel like you are just a backlog administrator juggling feature releases; In others, you might be tasked with ‘managing’ the designers and engineers to get things built. Sometimes it might seem that all you do is update roadmaps.At elder, we do things differently. We believe building truly great products that deliver meaningful user experiences must come from collaboration. We believe product managers, designers and engineers have complimentary (and sometimes overlapping) skill sets that together can produce innovative solutions to hard problems.At elder the product manager is a key member of that cross-functional team which is tasked, as a group, to deliver on our Business Goals.

The product manager should bring the following skill set to that team:

  • A deep understanding of users and customers: Within the business, you should be an acknowledged expert on our actual users. Their issues, pains, desires, how they think and what factors influence their decision making.
  • A deep understanding of data: Your day should start by checking on what happened in the last 24hrs. We are talking Sales, usage, churn, A/B test results, insights from user testing anything that you can feedback into the cross-functional team that will indicate how their efforts are affecting outcomes.
  • A deep understanding of the business: You recognise that successful products are loved by users AND deliver business results. You will understand how Product initiatives impact the results of the business, who the key stakeholders are, the constraints they operate under and what they are tasked with delivering.
  • A deep understanding of the Market & Industry: You will become an expert on our competitors, key industry trends, how technology is shaping the market, the changing behaviours & expectations of potential customers. You should know where the industry is heading and ensure we are building products for where the market will be tomorrow, not where it was yesterday.

This is a hard job, with a lot of responsibility, but the benefits are autonomy, ownership and freedom to create solutions that you believe will deliver results.

You will probably be someone who:

  • Has at least 5 years as a Product Manager working in cross-functional teams (squads)
  • Understands the difference between building features and solving problems
  • Has experience working with Agile and Scrum methodologies but realises that they are just a means to an end. That process never trumps outcome.
  • Can design simple wireframes and mockups to communicate user challenges
  • Has experience developing web-based products, technologies and platforms

You will definitely be someone who:

  • Is an evangelist for how technology can solve problems and be able to convert the rest of the business
  • Is an excellent communicator and motivator
  • Excels at organisation and analysis
  • Is able to lead without formal authority
  • Is passionate about working in a fast paced environment and to achieve stretch goals

If you read this and it resonates with you then please get in touch. We are looking for talented, ambitious, outcome driven people to help change care for the better.

We’re a service business and we know that without the best people, we cannot build the best company which is why we treat our team very well. We can offer:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Stock Options (We are post-series A & backed by some of the best VC’s in Europe)
  • 25 days holiday + bank holiday
  • Plenty of socials and team lunches
  • Amazing office in the heart of the tech scene in Old Street
  • Macbook + any particular extras you require
  • AND a genuine opportunity to be a very key part of a high growth business.

This is the rare opportunity for an intelligent and driven person who wants to be part of a business that is growing exponentially whilst also changing the world for better!