Senior Product Manager

We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager to help teachers and students in the Netherlands accelerate the move to digital with the content and tools on offer from Noordhoff Uitgevers, a company within the Infinitas Learning group, with offices in Utrecht and Groningen, along our other companies based in Stockholm and Antwerp.

Across Infinitas Learning we are embarking on a new chapter in our digital products, moving towards a more experimental and customer-centred approach that leverages all of the strengths and history of our companies while being focused on delivering real value to the thousands of teachers and millions of students that use our products across northern Europe.  We are uniquely positioned to build truly impactful products that deliver great outcomes for teachers and students every single day.

In this role we are looking specifically for someone to work alongside a Product Manager in one of our internal product teams, helping through mentorship and on the job advice, shaping their actions and behaviours and helping them develop through the delivery of a strategic platform that we think will help shape the future of secondary education in the Netherlands.  We believe that the best learning happens through doing in these types of roles, so you will be both helping us deliver as well as helping our staff develop.

In the role, you will:

  • Actively support and mentor other product managers in the organisation, helping them understand how to make the transition from the execution oriented ‘Product Owner’ to product manager
  • Help to lead the product vision, be the voice of the customer, throughout the design, development, and launch of educational products that are used both in the classroom and outside the classroom in the operation of a class or school
  • Own and manage the product roadmap, weighing both the testing and development of new features alongside maintenance of the existing product
  • Ensure that all of the areas of the company understand how they can contribute to the roadmap, and how the product may support their needs as well as those of the customer
  • Always be open to listening to ideas, as great ideas can come from a variety of sources, but be disciplined in ensuring that we test those ideas in the real world (in the simplest way possible) before committing the team to them
  • Spend time every week talking with customers, validating hypothesis around new feature development, confirming that new or existing features deliver value and ensuring that the product team feel really connected to the value they deliver to the customer
  • Perform analysis on new and existing product features to ensure we are making decisions supported by the available facts, with the support of the data analysts
  • Work directly in your product team (which is also made up of UX Designers and software engineers) that covers with all aspects of the product life cycle, including strategy, product requirements, design, user testing, launch, operation and future enhancements
  • Work with the product team to break the roadmap areas down into smaller pieces that can then be prioritised and delivered on, recognising that your job is to provide both the vision and boundaries to work in, but the whole team should take ownership around how they deliver against it
  • Establish yourself as a subject-matter expert on educational products, best practices, competition, and the latest industry trends
  • Keep track of product performance, benchmarks, and success metrics to ensure we are continuing to invest in the right things

You should have the following:

  • Significant product management experience, and a desire to help the next generation of product managers emerge
  • Experience analysing customer feedback, user research and performance data to guide product feature development, and how to help others understand how to become more data literate
  • Ability to communicate cross-functionally among multiple stakeholders, explaining complex systems or concepts in appropriate terminology for stakeholders and share this knowledge with others
  • Knowledge of the agile software development process and experience using tools to manage and prioritise work for a software team
  • The business language across Infinitas is English, so a strong proficiency is a must, alternatively fluency in Dutch highly desired but not essential