Senior Product Designer

You will be the lead Product Designer, working together with engineering and product management to design an MVP and evolve it into an industry-leading product.

How You Work

  • You have a strong sense of user empathy and are maniacal about understanding what customers are thinking and feeling.
  • You are on a mission to solve.
  • You are opinionated about form following function and make ruthless design tradeoffs in a decisive manner with the qualitative and quantitative data that is at hand.
  • You do not believe in “handovers” – evolving a brilliant product requires constant collaboration with engineering, product management and business stakeholders.
  • You look for opportunities to solve problems in unusual and innovative ways.
  • You utilise rapid prototyping such as sketching, storyboards & wireframes to share ideas and gather feedback early and often.

Your Past Experience

  • You have worked closely with engineers to understand technical constraints, manage UI transformation and ensure high quality implementation of your designs.
  • You have worked with product management and internal business stakeholders to discover and define new features.
  • You have measured the impact of your designs and can tell war stories about your own personal #designfails
  • You are able to pare things back in order to ship product and learn at a fast pace
  • You are proficient with design production & prototyping tools such as, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision and Keynote.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills.

What You’ll Do

  • Work closely with the Product Manager to develop the strategy and rationale for new features.
  • Lead a team of 4 designers, clearly distinguishing between activities that support the product and those that support client projects & in-house design activities.
  • Advocate for design culture emerging from the team and systematise best practices.
  • Translate product vision and direction into user flows and information hierarchies.
  • Facilitate, iterate on and gather feedback from solution interviews to validate your designs.
  • Help in facilitating customer research studies to understand their needs inside & out on a long-term basis.
  • Create a design system and style guide to support UX & illustrations in the product.
  • Contribute to overall strategy and decision-making about product direction.
  • Stay a few steps ahead of Engineering by managing UX transformation while they put the necessary infrastructure in place to support the long-term product vision.