Product Lead

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At ustwo we design and build digital products, services, and immersive experiences that people love. Increasingly, we help our clients to boost their own digital culture and capabilities.

We believe that by caring deeply for our people, clients, and partners, we can unleash our “collective genius”. That means mastering the art of collaboration, crafting the optimal conditions for a team to perform at its absolute best, in an environment of diverse backgrounds, thoughts, views, and life experiences.

As the world changes around us, the challenges our clients are asking us to take on are becoming more fundamental, more strategic, and more vital than ever to the success of their organisations.

This role starts mid May and will be for approximately 4-5 months. We are looking for someone with go-to-market experience within Financial Services, and specifically payments sector. Good market knowledge of the retail product space is advantageous.


As a Product Lead you will;

  • Act as proxy for the client Product Owner, leading the product vision for the team.
  • Support the team to prioritise, build and validate solutions that solve the challenges of our clients. Whether that solution is simply a validated prototype or a product that goes to market.
  • Enable the team and our clients to understand the purpose and direction of the work at any time and support the communication of user needs, business goals or tech constraints ensuring everyone is clear and aligned.
  • Advocate for the user. Create a deep understanding of user needs within the team and client and set validation strategies to inform which support the business goals most, ultimately to mitigate risk.
  • Balance the business goals. Support our clients in the design and validation of value propositions that meet their goals for new and existing products/services.
  • Build business cases for your recommendations and communicate them effectively to clients and teams, with storytelling methods appropriate to the task at hand, be that a presentation, prototype, or table of data


You are:

  • Current in your practice. As well as being an expert in product delivery and aware of delivery frameworks (such as the one by GDS), you keep up with the latest trends in design and technology.
  • Insightful. You analyse user problems and design solutions that meet measurable business goals and requirements. You understand how to position products and services in line with brand and market.
  • Adaptable. You thrive in ambiguity and are comfortable switching contexts and able to apply your practice across a range of industries and different deliverables and goals.
  • Highly Collaborative. Able to work collaboratively and lead multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers and coaches in an Agile/Lean environment.
  • Think holistically about the big picture when building a product, whilst being detail oriented and delivery focused.
  • A clear communicator. Capable conveying ideas and break down concepts clearly to a diverse range of stakeholders (verbally and written).
  • Open to sharing. Whether that be your thoughts, ideas and work in-progress
  • Want to grow. You seek out opportunities to learn, advocating good feedback with those who you work with.
  • Resilient. Can remain calm and focused under pressure and work in a dynamic and fast-moving environment.