Technical Product Manager – Startups

Axiom Zen is a best practices-driven team (committed to continuous deployment, continuous integration, automated testing, etc), looking for talented and startup-minded product leaders to join our growing team — in Vancouver, BC; San Francisco, CA; or Santiago, Chile.

At Axiom Zen, we look for interesting opportunities then help build companies to address those opportunities. Mostly this involves building software-driven products or businesses from scratch to early levels of product-market fit. Product Managers at Axiom Zen will be tasked with carrying projects from inception to MVP, market validation, and the subsequent growth stage. You will be working closely with an expert team of designers, software engineers, and strategy folks but will be given enough freedom to make your own mistakes – and breakthroughs.

To succeed in this role, you should have a deep technology background as well as a native understanding of important business factors determining the impact of web- or mobile-driven products. You may have built your own startups or businesses in the past, bonus points for both success and failure!

Fundamentally, this role is a barrel – quoting from Keith Rabois: “If you think about people, there are two categories of high-quality people: there is the ammunition, and then there are the barrels. You can add all the ammunition you want, but if you have only five barrels in your company, you can literally do only five things simultaneously […] someone who can take an idea from conception to live and it’s almost perfect […] This kind of person can pull people with them. They can charge up the hill. They can motivate their team, and they can edit themselves autonomously.”

If that sounds like you: Apply!

We’re Looking For

The ideal candidate will have deep knowledge of web and mobile technology, software design patterns, and product management best practices as well as a love for building inspiring products that set new standards in usability and functionality.

– Deep expertise in and passion for technology and software development
– Native command of metrics, analytics, and data-informed decision-making
– Self-motivated and willing to learn new concepts, technologies and processes
– Exceptional organization, planning, and communication
– Expertise in design and UX, especially when it comes to modern, interaction-heavy web and mobile applications
– Software engineering training, experience, or expertise – particularly on large distributed systems or in lean rapid prototyping and data-driven iteration

Bonus Points

– Experience building, training, and leading a tier-1 product management organization
– BS or higher in Computer Science or equivalent

About Us

Axiom Zen is an idea catalyst: we build, launch, and accelerate iconic companies. For some of our most recent work visit Timeline, ZenHub, or Routific.

We are thinkers and builders; artisans and architects. Reflecting Vancouver, San Francisco, and Santiago, the three dynamic cities that surround us, we are a diverse, multi-faceted, and multi-national team with an extraordinary range of perspectives and experiences.

Our team of creatives have built complex infrastructure and award-winning applications serving millions of delighted users, working with industry giants like Apple, Google, Baidu, and Facebook.

Axiom Zen team members have also helped build, grow, and successfully exit multiple technology startup companies, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value and giving our team a unique perspective on product ideation, launch, and iteration to market fit.

Salary and Benefits

Competitive salary plus bonus ($70,000 – $120,000), top-tier benefits, and generous stock / equity.

Please visit to apply.