Senior Product Manager

We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager to join the team!

At we are building the easiest video meeting tool available on the web. Millions of people all around the world use every week to connect, communicate and collaborate, both privately and as part of their daily work. If you want to be part of our journey in making even more user friendly, making it a more powerful and productive tool, and ensuring that it has the best scalability and stability in the business – we have a desk for you!


Why you should want to work with us?

  • You’ll be part of building an internet service that people love to use and that provides value to users around the world. Each month, more than 1 million people have more than 5 million video meetings.
  • You’ll be positively impacting the lives of millions of people every day, by helping them get more flexibility in their work life.
  • You’ll be part of a stellar team of developers, product designers and marketers helping each other succeed.
  • You’ll be pushing the limits technologically – was one of the first services to adopt the WebRTC standard for pluginless video meetings in the browser and we constantly explore new technologies.
  • You get to be part of the journey of one of the most exciting and fast-growing scaleups in Norway.

What are we looking for in you?

We are looking for a product manager who’s been around the block and experienced the challenges of developing a digital product over time. You understand the need to make tough prioritizations, and focusing on projects that gives maximum impact for customers. You are able to balance the perspectives of engineering, marketing and design/user research, and combine them into product plans that make the company’s strategy materialize. You have an analytical mindset and make decisions based on data when possible, but you are not afraid to make decisions with imperfect information when needed. You are focused on customer needs and spend time understanding how our product solves customers’ problems. By building relationships based on trust and accountability, you involve the team in planning and scoping of projects and ensure progress. You are a good communicator and clearly communicate goals and plans while motivating people. You document tasks and projects sufficiently for the whole company to have an easy way to see what’s being worked on and take learning from previous work. You contribute to shaping our product strategy, with ideas for how we should position and differentiate.

Some points summarizing the kind of experience we believe will be necessary to be successful in this position – not all are required, but you should tick off a good chunk:

  • 4+ years experience with product management of a digital product, ideally product-led growth or freemium SaaS model.
  • Experience from scaling a product organization to multiple teams, and efficiently leading projects and teams.
  • Experience developing a product for business customers.
  • Experience from design processes and user research.
  • Strong analytical mindset and experience working with product analytics.
  • Experience with business modelling and knowledge of common SaaS concepts and metrics such as MRR, LTV, CAC, retention, churn.
  • Strong ability to manage internal (team members, other managers, board) and external (customers, investors, community) stakeholders to balance opposing views and find good solutions or compromises.
  • Experience writing code is a plus, but not required. Good understanding of how software works is required.

Personal qualities that we are looking for:

  • You want to make a difference, and you care about the quality and impact of your work.
  • You lead through coaching and motivating people, while holding people accountable to deliver results.
  • You are curious about learning new tools and technologies.
  • You are fluent in English, written and spoken, and have excellent communication skills.
  • You have an academic background on the BSc or MSc level, or can demonstrate equivalent experience.

This position is located in the headquarter in downtown Oslo. For the right candidate we can offer some assistance with relocation to Oslo. We practice what we preach and have a flexible working policy, so use of home office or working from outside the main office is common.

What is the work like?

We start with customer problems, and try to solve problems for the majority of users in our target audience small and medium businesses. To truly understand a problem, we invest in research before building stuff, and try to validate solutions with as little code written as possible. We work cross-functional and involve designers/user reaserchers and developers from an early stage, to try to find the simplest and most elegant way to solve a problem. Shipping something doesn’t mean that it’s done, and we combine qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate live features. For core features that are validated, we invest in building them in a robust and scalable way, and plan how to release it by working out marketing and support plans.

Some things your work would involve:

  • Turning our vision and strategy into product features and qualities
  • Owning and running our product development process day-to-day
  • Ensuring quality and efficiency in product deliverables
  • Planning sprints by scoping projects together with team members
  • Discussing how new features can be built, together with our designers, developers, user researcher, marketing and support team
  • Breaking features into smaller tasks that can realistically fit in a two-week sprint
  • Communicate what’s being worked on and the results of it
  • Analyzing the effect of product changes through analytics
  • Working with our invaluable support team to understand the most important user problems and figure out how we can fix them

As Senior Product Manager, you will get to contribute to shaping our product development process and constantly adapting it to the challenges of a growing team and increasing complexity in the product portfolio. This position reports to Founder / Chief Product & Technology Officer Ingrid Ødegaard.

Why you should want this job

  • is a fast-growing scale-up with a global user base of more than 1 million users per month, with a long-term vision of becoming the best remote collaboration tool. By joining our team now, you get a chance to take part in the journey of building our position!
  • You will get freedom to shape our product process and  adjust it as the team grows and the product faces new challenges
  • You get to choose your own computer and phone and which tools to run on them. We use modern software tools like Slack, Trello, GitHub, Amazon AWS, GSuite.
  • You will become part of a tightly knit team of highly passionate people who aim to create the best possible user experience. We are not afraid of challenging the status quo and aim for radical simplicity in everything we do.
  • We have a remote working policy allowing people to work from where they are most productive that day and manage their own day
  • We have awesome team building trips!



The goal of is to make it as natural to talk over video as meeting face to face, and we believe that the future of work will radically change when this happens. We believe people can grow successful companies and live meaningful lives anywhere, and we enable this by building tools for productive collaboration. We invest in engaging with our customers, and constantly try to adapt our product to meet their needs. We are targeting companies who want a better tool for video meetings, and already have tens of thousands of paying customers in more than 130 countries. Our growth plans are ambitious, and with more than 1 million users talking over video every month, we have a great foundation for continuing to grow while building up revenue.

Together with our parent company Videonor, we are a team of 40 people based in more than 7 locations, with headquarters in Oslo ( and Måløy (Videonor). We experiment with new ways to collaborate remotely and all our processes are designed for remote employees. You can read more about the team and how we work at our Career pages, or follow us on our blog, Instagram,Facebook or Twitter.

By applying for this position you give us permission to store and process any personal information you submit with your application for the duration of the opening. Your data will be deleted once the position has been filled.