Product Manager, Adoption & Growth

Full-Time Anywhere

Company Description:

The backbone of the healthcare system is communication — between patients and their doctors, among healthcare teams, and even between practices and third-party providers like pharmacies, labs, and insurance companies.

But healthcare communication today is broken. It’s disconnected, siloed, antiquated, and highly inefficient — and in worst-case scenarios, it’s even responsible for lost patient lives.

We’re trying to fix that. Klara’s mission is to transform communication in healthcare, so all patients can receive great care.

We believe that the future of healthcare will be amazing. It will be patient-centric and truly connected — so medical teams can work together easily, information can be shared between people and systems seamlessly, and patients can always get the high-quality care that everyone deserves.

Though our mission is big, our team is still small. And that’s where you come in.

We are a Series A startup that’s growing quickly, with plenty of interesting challenges to tackle and foundations to build. It’s an entrepreneurial environment filled with opportunities for personal growth, where there is no shortage of projects to own or game-changing ideas to suggest. We are autonomous, data-driven, humble, and transparent. We have a healthy irreverence for the status quo, and a relentless passion for making our users’ lives better. And we believe the power of a talented team can accomplish anything — even revolutionizing healthcare.

About the Role:

We at Klara are looking to dramatically transform how healthcare IT products are sold, implemented, and used. This role will be responsible for owning both the adoption and product-led growth segments.

On one hand, you will take what is currently a manual, high touch onboarding process and turn it into an industry leading, technology driven experience that delights our customers starting with product setup and early product experience. Our dream is to make our product one of the few turn-key provider products available in healthcare.

And on the other, you will be responsible for leading up strategic product-led growth initiatives. Since our product also enables providers to communicate and share patients with other providers, we will look to you to identify and productize big ideas that move the needle on network driven growth.

As a product manager at Klara, you will be responsible for many things but the main items are:

  • Working with leadership to establish long term product adoption and growth strategy
  • Identifying and prioritizing customer pains and gains within these areas
  • Prototyping, testing, and developing solutions with the design team and other PMs
  • Shipping the product and features with the help of the engineering team
  • Use data to track success and iterate as needed

Your goal is two-fold. First, get our customers to value as fast as possible while ensuring minimal cost and touch points for the company. Second, lead the development of features that increase the number of providers and patients on our system who are engaged in multi-provider conversations. You will realize that both goals are tightly connected.

You will report to the VP of Product and work closely with the entire product team, along with marketing, CS, and engineering.


  • Own our leading indicator for customer success and CSAT metrics – We know what successful teams look like and hope this position can execute a product vision to get them there as fast as possible while enjoying the experience.
  • Design and deploy ways to increase the efficiency of our on-boarding – While we care first and foremost about happiness and time to value you will also need to consider how the process can scale.
  • Be at the vanguard of network driven growth – We have built the base of a meaningful cross provider communication system. We look to you to find ways to unlock its potential.
  • Execute with agility and run experiments – You must be a quick thinker capable of ramping up experiments, presenting findings, and being actionable when outcomes present opportunities for growth.
  • Be an efficient collaborator – You will be relying on the support of multiple teams. Therefore, you must be exceptional at cross team collaboration.
  • Design the process – You are comfortable building processes from scratch and seeing through their implementation. Additionally, you understand basic tenants of design thinking and know how to take an iterative and agile approach. You have the ability to establish and drive overall strategy for adoption, and engagement.
  • Change management – Our customers are not only buying a product, they are actively deciding to change how their practice functions and behaves. This is a big leap for a lot of people and requires a lot of help with change management. This position needs to be capable of positioning customers for success and ensuring they get off to the right start.


  • 5+ years as a product manager, ideally with a communication or healthcare based product. Bonus if in a B2B SAAS business model or an early stage startup (A-B round)
  • Experience being part of product teams that have driven organic growth
  • Experience building or implementing software with customers in highly structured, process driven, risk averse environments. (Finance, education, healthcare)
  • Exceptional writing skills and solid eye for design. Don’t need to be the Dieter Rams of software but should know how to get people to make great designs and experiences.
  • Display a clear sense of drive and focus. We like to see people who can start and see through things to completion.
  • Passion for healthcare technology and solutions. You can speak with confidence to some of the current market trends.
  • Have a great product network to tap into
  • Know how to use and apply various types of product strategy and prioritization frameworks such as Jobs to be done, Kano, Playing to win, etc…
  • Can do basic analytics work either via SQL, Excel, Looker (or other BI tool), of SFDC.
  • Lots of energy, positivity, and focus. We’re a tight knit team and we thrive off of collaborating and communicating well with each other.

Nice to have:

  • Background working with remote teams, specifically engineering
  • Some experience in customer success
  • Willingness to do some travel – we have employees in Boston, Baltimore, and Berlin, Germany.