Senior Technical Product Manager – Recommendations


Spideo started when cinephiles wanted to build a recommender system for the movie industry in 2010. Today, we are an established 25 people diverse and gender balanced company. We’re opening up a Product Owner/Manager position to accelerate our SaaS strategy for creative industries (

We are experts in delivering great Personalization for our global clients and have a firm conviction that Artificial Intelligence creates wealth and knowledge when combined with Transparency, fair data Control and outstanding Human expertise.


In the past, recommender systems have been dominated by collaborative filtering methods. AI and machine learning are at the core of recommendation models, and the possibilities are endless when including heterogeneous content information such as text, images, audio and video. However, the limit of probabilistic approaches versus what we are building at Spideo, is their opacity. They behave as black boxes.

Providing explainable predictions is an arduous task. But that’s the beauty of it. People define themselves by the movies they watch, what music they listen to, where they travel, and all cultural traits that make us who we are. This feeling of identification is the main specificity of cultural and creative industries. Individuals engage  when they can rely on a trusted source that understands who they are, respects their integrity and their data. We use semantics and natural language to provide accurate, trustworthy and highly relevant suggestions.

Backed by 7 years of interactions with our customers, we are driving our product development with two simple statements:

  • Explanations matter as much as recommendations.
  • Data Protection is a great opportunity for personalization.


We are looking for a Senior Product Manager/Owner, based in Paris, with the following background:

    • 4+ years of product development experience
    • Strong knowledge of data driven product development
    • Great communicator with technical knowledge of RESTful APIs
    • Able to scope and define functional requirements with the right amount of detail and testable acceptance criteria
    • Familiar with data and testing tools (MongoDB, Postman, Grafana, Elastic etc.)
    • Startup / B2B experience
    • Hands-on mentality
    • Provide clear and organized documentation
    • Team spirit
    • BONUS:  Knowledge of recommender systems, SaaS product experience


You will be driving our “data” roadmap (from conception to research and execution) by clearly articulating customer requirements into Epics and User Stories and prioritizing them.
You will be both improving our existing algorithm portfolio and coming up with requirements to add new ones, plus defining and adding new metrics to our analytics and customer dashboards.



We are a small product & engineering team.

Our next generation of services are being built around the following stack: Scala, Akka, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Kafka, Docker, AWS.
Our legacy stack is: Java 8, Jersey, MongoDB, AWS, Ansible.

At Spideo you will:

  • Find a place where you can fully express and grow your technical skills.
  • Learn, experiment and play with recommendation algorithms, AI, voice interfaces.
  • Have enlightening conversations about cinema and series with our content analysts and data experts.
  • Enjoy some extra perks: Ticket Restaurant, 2 remote days every month, fresh fruit every Monday, 1 monthly get together.