Product Lead

The Product Management department sits between the business and technology teams and is organized around the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the business. The team is responsible for overseeing all the technology that we develop to improve these KPIs starting with the long-term vision for the technology, through the short-term prioritization of features, to the implementation and measurement of everything we develop. The team is the glue that holds Rappi together as they interact with stakeholders across the business organization to uncover problems and potential solutions and bring them to the tech team in the form of a well-organized and prioritized backlog.
As a Product Lead you will:
·       Focus on a specific business KPI and lead a team of developers, designers and analysts to bring to life the technology necessary to improve that KPI.
·       Interface with the business leaders to whom their KPI is particularly important to understand the current challenges.
·       Analyze the data to see what patterns emerge and to prioritize between different potential solutions.
·       Run focus groups with users to understand their perspective and begin to test their initial hypotheses.
·       Work with the design and technical teams to define the exact solution that we believe will most move the needle.
·       Coordinate the day-to-day prioritization with the development team to push forward the most important features in the simplest version possible to maximize impact
·       Manage the roll-out and implementation, making sure that the developed technology has the impact desired.
The PLs will rotate between different KPIs during their two years in the program and will thus gain exposure to the majority of the business and technology teams, setting them up well for whatever it is they want to do next. Some examples of the projects a PL would manage are the following:
–        Improve conversion to order in the Restaurant, Supermarket, or Express business line
–        Increase the percent of users who have an active prime membership
–        Increase courier acquisition and conversion to 30+ orders
–        Improve the percent of scheduled orders delivered within the selected time window
–        Reduce the time to resolution of customer service tickets
What do we look for in a candidate:
·       Empathy: the key to solving almost all our issues is better understanding the user of that technology. Listening to and truly understanding your users is what will make an PL successful.
·       Analytical ability: We are a data driven company. You should always prioritize based on data analysis and measure precisely the impact of everything you develop.
·       Organization skills: PLs manage many stakeholders, oversee a large technical team, and usually have several projects on-going at any given time. It is essential that you can stay on top of everything.
·       Creativity / eye for design: You will be expected to come up with creative solutions to problems as well as oversee the design phase of all features.
·       Practical: In many occasions there is a strong desire to develop a Ferrari for a solution when a motorcycle would work just as well. We need PLs who know how to focus on the 80/20 in order to deliver results fast without getting lost in unnecessary details.
·       Determined / resilient: Unfortunately, things do not usually go as planned. We need scrappy hustlers who find ways around obstacles to achieve their goals no matter what happens.
·       Experience: 3-8 years of experience in product, entrepreneurship, or business consulting.
·       Education: undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Design, or similar. MBA helpful, but not necessary.
·       Language: Ideally bilingual in Spanish and English. Knowledge of Portuguese is a plus.