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Mark up Tool in OneDrive for Android enables you to insert notes, text, pictures, or freehand mark up to PDF files. Mark up in OneDrive used to highlight the location in your document where the text is supposed to be inserted, deleted and changed. So, Mark up is a multi-use tool that enables users to spotlight specific locations in a text document that works as a reminder. To add Mark up in your PDF document, follow the steps:
Steps to insert Mark up in your PDF file
Get to open the OneDrive application in your Android-powered device, and open the PDF file that you want to mark up
Click on Mark up, located at the bottom of your page
Go to the Mark up toolbar, you can see an array of options from left to right. You can select any of the following for specific tasks such as Exit, Undo, Redo, Pen, Navigate, Highlight, Note, Text and Erase.
Click on the ‘Navigate’ icon and then, scroll up, down, left, right to make your way through the PDF file to your specific location where you want to place your mark up.
Click and hold the ‘Pen’ icon to select either ‘Pen’ or ‘highlighter’ option. You can draw lines, make pictures or write freehand by using a pencil or stylus, or your fingertip.
You can expand the Styles menu to further configure the selection from the bottom of the screen
There are countless options available in the toolbar that enables you to apply different styles, so you can any different settings for each one. For instance, you can set one for a pen and one for a highlighter.
Click and hold the Highlighter icon to accent text or images. Choose any of the 3 options including the Highlight, Underline and Strikethrough option, then move to the bottom of the page, expand the Styles menu to further customize your selection.
To place a note into the PDF file, click on ‘Tap’ icon, then click and hold the text icon and select any of the following – Signature, Date or Image option.
Click on ‘Eraser’ symbol to wipe out your handwritten markup made with the ‘Pen’ function.
How to modify or remove Markup from your PDF file?
Click on the ‘Mark up’ icon in your PDF file
Click on any Mark up for selection
A set of tools and commands will appear on your screen, with options such as ‘Copy’ or ‘Delete’
In the end
For more information about Mark Up in OneDrive, you can contact Microsoft Customer Support Services for technical guidance.

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