Product Manager / Chief Product Officer

Full-Time Anywhere


Email and instant messaging have revolutionised communication by making it quicker, easier and cheaper. That’s great, but how you make it special without parchment paper or ink?

Givvit is a mobile transaction platform that allows consumers, companies and employers to send treat messages to friends and family, customers or employees. Treats are small gifts like a coffee, a drink, some flowers, or a cake. It’s not about the money. It’s the gesture that counts.

Givvit has integrated with major brands like Caffee Nero, M&S and HMV to provide a wide choice of treats for every occasion.


We had tremendous success with our platform and app so far but that’s really just the beginning.

To allow our founder-CEO to focus on business dev and fund raising, we are looking for someone to take on full product responsibility.

You will be expected to cover the entire spectrum:

* Drive strategy and high-level roadmap across all product areas incl. consumer app, corporate portal, admin interfaces and external APIs
* Get under the skin of users to understand what creates value; run user testing to test concepts and experiences
* Translate roadmap into high-quality stories with measurable objectives and scope productive sprints
* Work tightly with the dev team, supporting them across scrum events and throughout sprint
* Ensure releases are well managed; run a diligent UAT and sign off process; aligning release activity with rest of business
* Get deep into the analytics to measure how new features and experiences perform
* Fill in all gaps to keep the machine running!


We are open to a variety of profiles, eg:

* The experienced product manager who wants to get into a start-up and own the whole piece
* The smart Oxbridge graduate with a few years of consulting experience and the iron will to succeed
* The super-talented UXer or coder who thinks they have got what it takes to be chief product owner

You should of course have your lean thinking together, know agile development practices and love analytics.

Interested? Get in touch now!