Sr. Product Engineer Argentina (Javascript / React)

Hi! how are you? Hope you are doing great!

I am building a team for a SF tech startup in Argentina called Myagi. They received VC investment and are growing fast. They have a B2B product that connects the different actors of the supply chain in big brands such as Nike or Adidas. The challenge is to build a high performing product, with high complexity given the different user journeys and user profiles that will coexist in the platform. It’s a great opportunity to join and early stage Sillicon Valley startup and experience what is it like to work in the most challenging market of the world.

About the role:

I’m looking for a frontend product engineer who likes the interaction details that make products great, the hard technical challenges involved in making powerful web / native apps, writing highly reusable code, and thinking about how to build better systems of abstraction. Product intuition is as much a necessity as technical knowledge or familiarity with best practices of front-end engineering. Our frontend apps are developed from a unified React / React Native, so an ability to write clean, clear code which will run across many platforms is neccesary.

What you’ll do:

  • Spec and build user interfaces that are beautiful, consistent and fast.
  • Invent patterns and abstractions that our team can use to develop world-class product experiences for our user-base.
  • Work with React, React Native, GraphQL and HTML/CSS to build and maintain new Myagi features. You will also have the opportunity to work on our Django / Python backend if that interests you.

Who you are

  • You have deep experience with modern frontend JavaScript frameworks and tooling — React / React Native expertise is a bonus, but we believe the best frontend engineers can learn these technologies if needed.
  • You have strong product and design sensibilities and enjoy perfecting the details that matter.
  • You take a thoughtful approach to decision making; knowing when to move fast and when to do things right.
  • You want to work in a product-driven environment.
  • You are excited about mentoring and collaborating with ambitious team members.
  • We are not focused on where you got your education or minimum years of experience.


-Full time employee

-Remote  / on-site (once the office is setup)

-Salary: 4000 usd / month

Let’s do it!