Lead Product Manager

As Koru Kids Lead Product Manager you’ll be instrumental in profoundly improving the well-being of one million families in London within 5 years.

Koru Kids is making it easier and more affordable for families to access high quality childcare. With us you will do irreplaceable work alongside people that will challenge & inspire you.

Leading three or more cross-functional product-engineering squads, you’ll balance developing and executing a product strategy that aligns to the company vision with prioritising the backlog.  You’ll also help us introduce enough process to ensure high performance while we’re scaling.

You’ll play a part in matching people to product teams, set OKRs and ultimately ensure everybody is rallied around a clear and concise product vision. You’ll make and rationalise tough decisions, dedicating resources towards achieving OKRs.

Whilst creating impactful experiences for our user you will balance perfection with progress & learning, and maintain product health while driving towards transformative goals.

An exceptionally strong critical thinker, you can both prioritise which problems to solve and discover how to solve them.  You have a strong user focus and passion for user-centred design, and consistently put both users and data before your ego. You believe in being data validated over data driven.  You obsess about how to drive greater positive impact, and maintain clear performance metrics and dashboards. You can show how you set targets and tracked progress against them in transparent, measurable ways.

You have lots to teach others about the value of product management, and are equally willing to learn from those around you. Emotionally intelligent, you welcome and give honest feedback, especially when it’s hard to do.

Must have knowledge/experience:

  • Strong Product Tech background in mobile application development
  • User focus 
  • Opinions on what makes for good/bad research
  • Delivery in an Agile or Lean environment with rapid prototyping and iterative development
  • Qualitative and quantitative testing and analysis of users to gain insight and inform design

Must have skills:

  • Ability to interrogate, extract, read and communicate quantitative data in a meaningful way
  • Incredible story telling and stakeholder management capabilities
  • Ability to influence and build consensus across a broad range of backgrounds, organisational levels and personalities
  • High level of creativity and problem solving
  • Ability to reason by first principles

Must have behaviours:

  • You must be nice
  • You must be authentic.
  • You must be entrepreneurial.
  • You must look for simpler, better solutions
  • You must have an analytical mind
  • You must have huge passion & belief in your own ideas, and the humility to embrace being wrong