Senior Product Manager

Join our product team and lead the discovery and delivery of our new product to the market. We see a great opportunity in the global market to leverage speech technologies in the b2b world. And as we keep growing, we want to bring on board a senior product manager, with his/her experience to discoverdefine and deliver new product. Our PMs are fully accountable for the success of their products – from defining the vision, to executing and delivering them to the market.

Can you help us?
We look for an outstanding product manager. Product manager that can draw from their experience and is passionate about discovering new products that can help b2b organizations make sci-fi of today into reality of tomorrow.

The preferred candidate knows how to own the product end to end. He/She has a strong skills listening to the market. Leverages his/her ability to define a distinct vision and lead a product with a clear strategy. Is a strong team player who empowers business and technology teams to make the product a reality. Is not a solo player and is not afraid to ask for help when in need.

The first 3, 6, 12 months of your tenure?
Here’s the plan: At the end of the first 3 months, you will discover the product/market fit. In the first 6 months, this discovery will lead you to define the product’s vision, strategy and roadmap which will kick-off the process of introducing it to the market. At the end of the first 12 months, the product will be fully launched and will start to get traction.

If this sounds like what you’re after and you like the sound of this challenge. Send us your CV or LinkedIn contact details. You will join our open-minded team of 50, that is already building and serving state-of-the-art speech technology to the global market. And with your help, we will challenge the market with new innovative product.