Product Designer

Full-Time Anywhere

Hi, I’m Madeline ?, Product Design Team Lead at

At our design team is working hard to build a product that nudges companies toward empathetic communication with their customers. We help them send automated messaging that their customers actually like to receive. If that’s exciting to you, we should talk.

Our current team includes designers who are passionate about developing our design system and improving our visual design. We would love to add a Product Designer with a specific interest in solving the complex user experience problems in our product.


We believe that businesses who create strong relationships with their customers will outperform the ones who don’t.

We’re working to make the default choice for any internet business to deliver great, automated customer experiences at scale. is used by over 1200 businesses to create continuity after a person leaves a website or mobile app. Every message (receipts, win-backs, and onboarding) across every channel (email, push, sms and more) can be managed and measured in

What will you be doing as Product Designer?

  • Sketching exploratory designs and customer journeys for new features.
  • Building high fidelity mockups and sharing opinionated design proposals in Slack and Notion.
  • Collecting and acting on feedback from your peers and our customers.
  • Pairing with developers to bring ideas to life in interactive prototypes.
  • Iterating on our design system by making improvements to foundational styles, components, and processes.

Examples of some recent projects we’ve worked on:

  1. Transitioning all of our page layouts to card-based layouts to help users focus on content.
  2. Designing a drag-and-drop workflow builder so people can visualize complex automated messaging workflows.
  3. Discussing and writing guidelines for our take on accessibility (check it out in our WIP design system documentation)

What will you bring to the table?

If you identify as a UX or UI designer, that’s okay. We don’t care much about labels.

The most important thing: You have a deep interest in finding ways to improve UX in complex flows and features.

You have a solid understanding of interaction design methods and best practices (including journey mapping, human computer interaction, and animations).

You have a growth mindset and are willing to challenge our team and propose changes to how we do things.

You genuinely care about understanding the outcomes of products you work on and will make design decisions that protect our customers and their end-users.

You can present your work clearly to an asynchronous team.

You have experience in user research and usability testing practices.

And bonus if you have these skills too:

  • Ability to level-up our copy strategy.
  • Experience working with SVGs and creating illustrations.
  • Visual design acumen (color, typography, iconography).
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, and git.


  • Madeline (that’s me) and Richard, your fellow Product Designers! We are huge fans of applying systems-thinking to design so we can spend our time on understanding our customers and their needs instead of building tedious wireframes.
  • Brian, our Director of Product, who works relentlessly to define a roadmap that balances customer problems, our strengths, and our market position.
  • Kate, Brendan, and LJ: our Product Management team. They’ll be with you every step of the way when designing new features.
  • An engineering team who is passionate about the product. They’ll help you get the details right and ensure everything is going to scale flawlessly.
  • The rest of the crew! (There are 48 of us). We’re a tight-knit company where everyone is willing to help with design problems.

Why should you work with

We’re in a special moment as a company: small enough where you’ll have a big impact as an individual, big enough to have resources to conquer ambitious goals as a team, yet calm about how we set growth goals.

We are a remote-first company – we have employees in Australia, the United States, India, and beyond. We meet up twice a year to get to know each other, but prioritize asynchronous communication strategies that help us build strong relationships from wherever we choose to work.

We do a lot of research to ensure everyone is paid well and think our new Product Designer will be paid around $90,000-$110,000, but will adjust for experience. Check out our career’s page for more information on our great benefits and why you should come work with us!

How to apply

Apply at the link below by August 18th! There is no advantage to applying early as we will review all applications after August 18th.

We are looking for someone who can present the reasons behind their design work, so we require that you submit a portfolio of past work (not just images, we want to know your thought process!).

We’ll get back to all applicants by August 21st. Here’s what you can expect from our hiring process:

  1. Quick phone call with me (Madeline, our Product Design Lead).
  2. A ~1 hour call with me and our other Product Designer, Richard.
  3. A short design project – no more than 2 hours – and a call to discuss it.
  4. A 30 min call with someone from outside the design team.
  5. Possible follow up call if we need any more info before making our decision!

Diversity statement

We want to build and maintain a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn, mentor, and grow. We know that diverse teams make better products, and especially encourage applicants from underrepresented groups to apply — if you have any questions, please let us know. We want people with different backgrounds from the team we have today to bring their perspective and thoughtfulness to the work that we do and the culture we’re always working to build.