Head of Product (Content & Community Platform)


You will lead the development of an exciting new product proposition from scratch, taking VouchedFor beyond it’s “core” offering of IFA, solicitor & accountant reviews. You will build a new online community of thousands of solicitors, accountants and IFAs, helping answer questions for millions of consumers at vital points in their lives. If successful, you’ll have a profound impact on the well being of the UK public.


VouchedFor helps you get the best advice from the best local professionals – harnessing reviews and data from people like you.

When you reach one of life’s big turning points – be it landing your dream home, gaining access to your children, or ensuring a comfortable retirement – you deserve the very best advice.

The Financial, Legal and Accounting sectors have until now evaded the global technological tidal wave. But it’s time that changed – it’s just too big and too important to people’s lives.

Launched in 2012, we already bring together thousands of professional advisers, hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, and millions of people needing great advice at the most important points in their lives.

We are an innovative start-up backed by VCs and Angel Investors whose previous successes include Shazam, Zoopla, eBay, Lovefilm and Betfair. We’ve grown the team 4-fold (to 30 people) in the last year…and are set to do so again.

We’re based in Teddington, South West London…which means you can get a seat during rush hour on the train, drive to work (and park)….or best still, cycle here through Richmond Park.


Reporting to our CEO/Founder, you will:
• Develop the strategy, forecasts and roadmap for the development of this new product proposition
• Ensure the proposition is sufficiently (but not excessively) grounded in customer insight
• Working closely with the Tech team, lead the product build, pushing toward fast delivery of an extendable MVP
• Lead the internal and external product launch
• Monitor performance, and use a test & learn mentality to rapidly drive performance
• Champion your product vision, both internally and externally


You have 5-10 years product experience in fast growth digital environments
You have particular expertise in building communities, social networks and content platforms
You have a strong interest in financial services, law and/or accounting (but probably haven’t worked much in them)
You’re a top 5%er. Any past manager would have you back in an instant.
You’re really smart (like straight-A smart)
You know how to organize and inspire those around you
You get stuff done. You meet commitments. You find a way
You relish the challenge of working fast and hitting stretching targets
You’re humble, dislike politics, and happy when people say it as it is
You focus on what’s important – and use strong analysis to figure that out
You can chart a direction when the paths aren’t clear
You enjoy testing new features, and do well at breaking them
You know how to get robust customer insight and take it through to UX
You’re an old hand at personas, journeys, wireframes and getting designs done…and you know when to skip all that, ship early and see what happens
You know when to optimize, and when to take a big leap
You’ve nailed Scrum and started figuring out what’s next
You can probably code a bit, or at least know a few things like Analytics, Optimizely, Qubit or MySQL inside out
You want to grow and develop very quickly