VP of Product

About When I Work & Our Products
When I Work is a fast-growing mobile technology company that helps businesses schedule, communicate and track time with their hourly employees. We produce two core products: our flagship product is a scheduling & communication platform that managers and employees can use to coordinate and communicate asynchronously via native iPhone, Android or Web apps. The second is a time clock and attendance platform that managers use to track employee hours, attendance, timesheets and payroll hours via iPhone, iPad, Android or Web apps. Employees are able to clock in/out from their phone or computer and keep track of the hours they’ve worked. The business can setup a fixed time clock using a phone or tablet. The two products create transformative experiences for employees who want to easily trade-shifts, request time off, or pick up extra hours—and for managers who need to quickly fill open shifts, approve requests—plus make and communicate schedule changes easily.

We care deeply about the experience we provide our end-users because we’ve all worked an hourly job at some point in our lives—at least the odds are we all have since 60% of anyone with a job is hourly. We’ve all asked the question, “I wonder when I work?” at some point in our lives. We’ve called in sick, we’ve traded shifts with coworkers, and we’ve requested time off to go to that awesome concert. That’s why it’s our mission to help people spend less time working and more time living.

About the Job
Sitting at the intersection of user insight (both qualitative and quantitative), technology, marketing strategy and design, you will lead When I Work’s efforts to aggressively grow our user base, increase employee engagement and deliver an unprecedented customer experience in Android, iOS and Web environments. Specifically, the job involves:

  • Deep qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine which features and product enhancements will increase trials, installs and increase conversions as well as increased frequency of use from existing users.
  • Developing smart feature roadmaps and product strategy based on sound data and creative insights.
  • Testing and optimizing viral, organic and PR-driven campaigns that increase usage and lead/trial generation.
  • Help establish network effect strategies that help our users share our products with others people and employers.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team on growth strategies that drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities among our customers.
  • Study our trial funnel, find trends, and use data to determine how the product can work harder at converting more trials to customers.
  • Help optimize conversion rate and trial funnel flow through user on-boarding for both mobile and web products.
  • Lead and build a product and design team in partnership with engineering, marketing and customer care that will deliver new features and enhancements rapidly and smoothly.
  • Communicate product vision and priorities internally and externally.
  • Concurrently managing product roadmaps for Android, iOS and Web platforms.
  • Enhance and improve process around product management.

Success in this role will be measured by the company’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives, your ability to play a serious role in that success and your fit within our core values.

About You
In this critical role, we are seeking what is known in baseball as the 5-tool player. You can think strategically and execute tactically. You are able to 1) conceptualize solutions to complicated challenges, while 2) executing with discipline and urgency. 3) You view the world both qualitatively and quantitatively with a trust-your-gut-but-verify-with-data approach. 4) You are both collaborative and opinionated. 5) You see the big picture… in graphic detail. Other qualities that we feel are essential for success include:

  • 5+ years of product management experience to include B2B and/or consumer mobile technology products
  • Lots of cross-functional leadership experience (accountability without authority)
  • Several examples of successful new technology product launches into emerging markets
  • Extensive experience with data analytics platforms for both web and mobile
  • Successful experience working in a fast-paced, dynamic (read: sometimes chaotic) startup environment
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Near-psychotic ability to manipulate and draw insights from data
  • Self-motivated with a demonstrated desire to learn new technologies and skill sets
  • Demonstrated track record of completing large amounts of important work (you get shift done)
  • Deep consumer and/or B2B DNA where the user experience always come first
  • A history of chasing big problems and tackling, rather than shying away from, challenges that take you outside of your comfort zone (and you have the scars to prove it)

What’s In It For You

  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Flexible work environment
  • Dynamic and dedicated team
  • Casual dress code

Sound Like a Good Fit?
Check out our core values. If they excite you, we’d love to talk! Please apply online here.

*Must already be authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis for any employer.

Must be willing to relocate to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area.