Product Manager

iTunes is a product that divides opinion. To some, it’s a highly intuitive interface that does a great job of delivering multiple features and doesn’t need tampering with. To others, it’s a complete shambles. We’d like our customers to think of our product like the former.

Product managers like building and shipping things, it’s who they are. It’s just in them. The blend of innate curiosity, data-led decision making, customer empathy and commercial acumen can be a potent mix in highly competitive markets.

One of the key factors in building successful products is the ability to deliver an intuitive, frictionless and elegant user interface. When we make it easy for customers to use and interact with a product, we’re increasing our ability to become part of their working lives and in turn drive commercial success for them and us.

This is what we’re tasking our new Product Manager with – completely reimagining our customer dashboard. Essentially we’re asking you to;

  • Use your ability to understand competitors’ products to ensure our product delivers a superior experience through a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Work hand in hand with our development and design teams on the feasibility and provide detailed input into the product planning process and assigning priorities.
  • Bring your UX & Product design understanding to help develop user stories, information architecture, interaction design and visual design.
  • Work with our Marketing Team to help produce user communication, marketing materials and support scripts that are valuable to both new and existing customers.
  • Provide support to the Sales and Support teams to respond to product-related client feedback and improvement requests.
  • Lead information sessions for customers on the planned delivery of new features and enhancements.

There are few opportunities out there right now for a Product Manager to start a new role and make such a major fundamental impact on a core product and ~ 10,000 customers. It’s a big task that’s not for the fainthearted, but we think you’ll be up to it if you have honed your Product management tradecraft and can show;

  • Experience designing and delivering product roadmaps
  • Proven experience managing and iterating B2B Products with highly interactive interfaces.
  • A sound conceptual understanding of front and back end technology. In other words, you can get relatively granular with technical teams.
  • An appreciation of contemporary interaction and product design practices. In other words, you could produce an initial wireframe to show your thinking.

ClickSend is a SaaS-based B2B service that delivers contemporary messaging services for predominantly B2C customers. We’re part of the MessageMedia group, meaning we blend the fast-paced attitude of a scaling business with the security of a market leader with over 200 staff and offices across the globe. Meaning that as a Product Manager you get the best of both worlds.

When you come on board here, you’ll find that we are a team of committed specialists who are eager learners, conscientious workers, and curators of what’s essential. We’re quick to trust and we see things through. We achieve together and we’re here to do our best work. We’re shaping up to become a global force in business messaging, so people who feel a connection with these things and like the pace of a fast-growing company will feel part of the team.

If you’ve gotten this far and you are thinking “I’d love to do that kind of work at ClickSend”, then please apply.

If you’ve gotten this far and thought, “my friend Karen would be great for this”, please let her know.