Digital Product Manager is looking for a Digital Product Manager. Are you an experienced Digital Product Manager with the skills to create a clear vision and strategy for new products? Are you interested in working with a digital health start-up to develop a truly user-centred product for NHS staff? Do you have the drive and ambition to deliver great products that will change patient’s lives?

Through this role, you’ll have a unique opportunity to make a real difference to the NHS on a massive scale. We’re looking for someone who:

• Has strong experience delivering a range of successful digital products and services through the full product life cycle

• Can take a user-centred approach to product delivery and champion the needs of our customers within the NHS and its commercial partners

• Wants to understand the digital health space and the challenges and opportunities this presents for product development

• Can influence and inspire stakeholders in the development of new products and services

• Can take a hands-on approach to product management when needed to drive optimum delivery

If that sounds like you and you want to bring your insight, knowledge and passion into an environment where it will make a real difference, this is the role for you.


We are building a platform that speeds up the optimal adoption of innovations (health-tech’, medicines, services, etc.) across the NHS. Securing better patient experience, improving patient outcomes, and creating savings for the system. We will make it easy for NHS staff to learn from each other through ‘instructions’ – speeding up the time it takes them to adopt a new innovation in their locality.

Our product will make it easy and straightforward for busy NHS staff to write instructional ‘how-to’ case studies. As a result, people save time in the dissemination of their work. They get kudos, career progression and an opportunity to see their work help others.

This rich, credible content, authored by NHS peers, will be visible across online search and therefore available in an information seeker’s moment of need. This means that no one in the NHS needs to start an NHS project with a blank sheet of paper – they can learn from others. Importantly the platform will always be free for NHS to use – there is no paywall, no subscription for NHS staff.

Role summary

This role will have responsibility for the creation and ongoing evolution of the product, meeting the needs of customers from both within the NHS and also with commercial partners.

This role requires cross-functional working with the development team to ensure the right features are being created, working with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the right insights are being used, as well as liaising with legal and information governance experts to ensure we remain compliant. You will develop go to market and launch plans for new products working with the co-founders, CTO, developers, key account and client service teams.

Key accountabilities

• Lead on the delivery of the new product, developing and implementing the roadmap for development in line with company and development strategy

• Operate in line with workplace values which are to be: collaborative, kind, resilient and trustworthy

• Work closely with the development team to ensure that the “voice” of the customer is present in everything we create

• Evaluate the needs of customers to gather and prioritise requirements, maximising the value of developments

• Facilitate sessions with customers generating insights, feedback on our products to better understand the needs of customers and continually drive improvements and enhancements

• Clearly articulating product progress to relevant stakeholders

• Responsible for the development of customer insight and evaluation to feed into product development, defining the key metrics that will drive success and improvement

• Work with a multi-disciplinary team of internal and external resources to manage product development and iterations effectively

• Work with a multidisciplinary team to develop and input into marketing/promotional activities for the new product

• Track and evaluate changes in the competitive landscape and market dynamics to ensure can react appropriately and feed into the development roadmap

Education, skills and experience required

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

• Product management or other relevant experience in developing or delivering products and services

• Working knowledge of information governance and related laws and procedures with regards to data protection

• Experience of working within small teams, or start-ups

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• Proven problem solving and analytical skills

• Proven project management and planning capabilities

• Proven ability to drive activity within cross-functional team-working

Salary: Competitive, based on experience, in addition to share options

Employment: Full Time

Location: London collects and processes personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See the privacy policy for recruitment for further details.