Product Manager

You’re passionate about building a product that solves not only the problems of today, but will stand the test of time as it invents essential but unforeseen capabilities of tomorrow. Well, unforeseen by everyone but you that is. After all, bridging today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities is your brand of alchemy.

At the heart of this, you love talking to customers and developing a deep understanding of the problems they face, even when they can’t articulate them well. The way you navigate conversations without asking leading questions is nothing short of artistry. By challenging assumptions, fleshing out use cases, and testing hypotheses, you build a product in your mind that creates tremendous customer value yet, amusingly, isn’t quite what the customer said they wanted.

You’ve mastered the art of working with Engineering teams to provide just the right level of context. They’ve got questions, and you have answers; you’re the customer-in-disguise on the home front. Your technical depth helps you dig into requirements and specifications and anticipate where understanding may go sideways. Is it prescience? Maybe it’s just experience. Either way, we’re in awe of these skills and are looking forward to meeting you.

The information security industry is facing some of the most daunting challenges the world has to offer these days. A plethora of products and a dearth of understanding. Can you help build something that helps our customers get back to doing what they love about security? Even if that means thinking about it as little as possible? Sound like fun? We want to hear from you.

What Expel can do for you

  • Let you tap into a hugely underserved market that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves
  • Connect you with companies who truly want to get better at information security and are eager to share their perspectives
  • Provide autonomy in the driver’s seat of a new and exciting service
  • Give you experience working in a startup environment with a team who truly cares about doing meaningful work

What you can do for Expel

  • Spend time with our customers and ops team to understand their problems and work with them to come up with meaningful solutions
  • Tap into your insatiable attention for detail to provide our teams with the context they need to build an amazing user experience
  • See through the haze of feature requests and requirements to the underlying needs and opportunities that will make our customers happy & successful
  • Distill ideas into a prioritized roadmap that, even though it makes us uncomfortable, we can execute on
  • Understand where a little process and great communication make a huge difference between delivering something and bringing everyone on the journey with you
  • Take a concept that’s floating around, grab it and flesh out a few different ways to tackle it
  • Keep your thumb on the pulse of the market, the players, the competition and the changing tide

What you should bring with you

  • A solid understanding of information security — technologies, products and services
  • Familiarity with software engineering processes, from coding to software deployment & associated tools
  • A knack for asking the right questions without “leading the witness”
  • A Bachelor’s degree or a compelling story
  • 5+ years of professional experience, with at least 2 in Product Management
  • If you’ve got a background with services, that’s even better