Product manager

A learning & development company providing advanced video and content to corporate users is looking for a part-time capable and seasoned Chief Product Officer to manage its technology team and support the companies growth.
The part-time role has the potential to become full-time position as the company grows and we bring the tech team in-house.

The tech team have been outsourced, in the UK, the focus will mainly be on further development of the delivery platform to enhance functionality and improve the user experience:
• The company sells knowledge and insights targeted at frontline staff and junior managers via both a limited and universal licence open to all company employees.
• To date they have designed and developed 90 modules, each consisting of 6 key learnings in a unique 5 step process, including a mini drama video, accessible online and on mobiles.
• A portion of the library is still to be upgraded to the process and more videos and learnings are being added regularly.
• The company sells through a channel distribution model and is either integrated into partners’ platforms or delivered directly to the end user.
• The licence base is being added to daily with an aggressive plan for global growth within the next few years. Launch is currently underway in the UK with plans for N America and other English speaking countries to follow and eventually a consumer solution.

An individual is required to:
o Manage our tech team and report to the senior management team
o Take ownership the “product” with focus on the customer experience as well as end to end development of on-boarding, support and analytics
o Set product strategy, capture business requirements (translate them into user stories etc.), manage product backlog, liaise with tech team and ensure high quality product delivery
o Take a role in decision-making and resources for global expansion

Must have:
• Product management experience
• e-learning or on-line publishing experience
Time commitment:
• 2 days per week