Product Manager – Creation Tools

MOO is looking for a Product manager to lead one of our Creation teams, focusing on producing a fantastic mobile kick-start experience. You’ll work with our Senior UX and UI teams to produce a mobile-first experience which merges customer information with stunning designs from our Design team and helps customers achieve a result which is unique, personalised and super-easy to create.

Design Templates provide a crucial starting point for MOO customers who have great taste but limited experience or access to professional design skills. They want a design which is unique, beautiful, and supports their business objectives, all without the cost or complexity of working with a designer. You’ll work to make unique, personalised designs available at a touch on phones or the click of a button, backed by MOO’s high quality design team.

This requires leading both the customer facing experience of creating these templates, as well as the internal tooling required to achieve and quality check those designs.

Making this experience sing on a mobile device is a key part of the challenge and working with the broader team on our creation flow for mobiles will be part of your remit.

Some projects you’ll be working on:

Re-imagining the Template “browse” experience to work fantastically well from phones up to large screen desktops.
Taking the existing, limited Design Template creation process and tuning it to produce a broader range of designs at a fraction of the cost.
Re-thinking the way we use vertical marketing and tie it to Design Templates, to better support customers finding a design they love and thus supporting conversion on our site.
Working with the broader team to ensure that the edit experience for Design Templates works brilliantly on desktop and mobile.

You’ll work with the other cross-functional teams focused on design and customer tools at MOO to:

Identify the appropriate OKRs for each period
Deliver truly outstanding products and services, balancing priorities, to deliver the maximum impact against the strategy. This includes making decisions around quicker revenue-wins versus longer-term feature or service development; and steering the Development team to deliver on those priorities.
Define, in detail, the product to be developed – craft process flow diagrams, write user stories, manage the sprint backlog. Understand the give and take between velocity, scope and schedule and communicate the compromises when resources are finite.
Validate the products with real customers including running A/B tests, working closely with our UX team, regular customer calls/visits, and using all data points at your disposal to understand the design template space.
You’ll be expected to have strong opinions, based on experience, but also the ability to take something quickly from idea to assessment to prototype to iteration; and ultimately feel comfortable killing projects that don’t live up.
Track and analyse competitive and technology trends. Develop business cases and assessments for major new product features and innovations.

About the Team

MOO’s “Create” crew focuses on creating a fantastic online design experience for our customers. This includes the client-side tools which customers use, the high-performance server-side design rendering, and rich creation tools our design staff use to support users. We focus on collaboratively creating the product with everyone in the team exposed to user testing and product design, lead by the product and experience design members.

On the Design Template team, your work would enable the delivery of beautiful designs as starting points for customers. This encompasses a fantastic front-end experience for browsing and customising designs, a rich back-end web application for managing and creating those designs, and integrations into unusual platforms like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to support our design staff.

About You

Expertise in understanding and working with “systems” rather than just standalone products.
Computer Science or Engineering background is preferable
Specific understanding of / experience with visual design challenges is important
Some consumer facing technology background is essential.
Nice to Have
Native or Web-based mobile app experience is a real plus
Experience leading digital systems development within an agile development process.
Some experience working with SaaS platforms and mobile beneficial.
Like cats. Or cake. Or cat-shaped cake. Up to you.

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