Senior Experience Designer

Enjoy exploring difficult design problems before breakfast? Fancy supporting an ambitious vision at a company with design at its heart and a fantastic, balanced work environment? Would you like to work with some really talented people on challenging, meaty projects as part of an established team? Sounds good?

The Experience Design group at MOO is comprised of UX Designers, researchers and visual designers. We’re looking for a senior designer to build out and scale our new, market-leading large customer platform to help customers fulfil their business identity needs.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be doing at MOO…

Designing complex (but easy to learn and use!) interactions in a high volume, high value core application for our large business customers, and overseeing/managing multiple streams of work at once with your design teammates.

Delivering responsive (mobile & content first) designs, defining a differentiated creation and identity-management journey depending on device context for MOO’s customers.

Collaborating in a highly agile, cross-functional team (design, development, product), concepting, evaluating and implementing complex interactions with critical commercial sensitivity, deftly balancing short and long term project design goals.

Collaborating regularly with our in-house Sales and Marketing teams, based in the US, who are major stakeholders for the product.

Designing in agile and providing just enough documentation to rigorously explore your design challenges and communicate your process and decision-making (ie: process flows, task analysis, customer journeys etc).

Integrating and partnering with your UX Research teammates and championing research activity as a fundamental component of all design.

With little oversight from your UX Researcher teammates, planning, organising and executing on regular user feedback gathering and evaluations with customers in-house (including hypothesis definition, study design, methodology selection, running think-alouds, analysis and design iteration to progress your team’s projects and iterate in a UCD pattern).

Incorporating into your design output a critical, sound understanding of psychological and HCI principles surrounding how people focus attention, learn interfaces and make decisions during intricate task completion.

Implementing design solutions that supercede and retire features that have previously been released, but are underused / not performing.

Defining interaction patterns and developing design documentation as needed. We don’t believe highly developed wireframes are always valuable – we value light and nimble. You must be comfortable with a lot of whiteboarding and sketching.

Designing for internationalisation and localisation, as MOO has customers across the globe, speaking many different languages.

As a senior member of the team, you will thrive on, solicit and welcome feedback on your design rationales, and you will encourage the key listening, framing and selling skills involved in this, with both your Experience Design teammates and colleagues from other disciplines.

Our ideal new teammate – is this you?

You’re a naturally relaxed, outgoing, positive, enthusiastic, collaborative person and will want to grow within our team and the fast-paced environment at MOO . Experience Design is a friendly, established, international and diverse team and we’re on the lookout for a good fit.

You have over 7 years’ experience as a UX, Interaction Designer or Information Architect, and have delivered numerous UX projects, likely with a strong mobile and/or applications element.

A background in designing high-value, high-complexity financial services or SaaS applications and the associated interactions would be extremely advantageous.

You have a track record of delivering responsively designed iterations and improvements with measurable positive impact on user satisfaction and commercial success.

You’ll have likely worked for a time in agencies with a fast paced work ethic and release cycle, but more recently spent time client-side and understand commercial and user satisfaction implications of your decisions in near and longer term.

You appreciate Agile methodologies that require ‘just enough’ documentation (rather than ‘no’ documentation), and can show evidence of this applied commercially in your portfolio.

You have experience coordinating and running your own generative design evaluations and user testing, which may include quantitative measures such as multivariate testing.

You’re a persuasive, engaged collaborator, and can provide ‘the gloss’. You’re an effective storyteller, delivering complex findings in easily understood and actionable ways by your colleagues, including MOO’s leadership team.

You probably have a masters-level education in Human-Computer Interaction or related UCD discipline.

You’re a craftsperson, with a portfolio demonstrating your design process from sketch work to flows and beyond to launch. You’ll clearly frame your contribution to solving UX problems – we’re looking for ‘thinking’ before ‘pretty’.

Ultimately, the type of person who’ll do well at the above is collaborative, communicative, comfortable in their skin, comfortable with ambiguity, not prone to defensiveness, or ego. Equally, you will strive to help others understand and share your process and will be happy to pass along your knowledge and mentor others.

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