Senior Product Manager

What we’re looking for:

Citrix is building the Workspace of the future: that Intelligent Workspace needs to integrate with a wide variety of third-party software applications and systems. We’re seeking an experienced product manager who can help direct which target systems to prioritise, work with a variety of ecosystem partners, assess which use cases are most important, and drive a platform mindset as we enable third parties to build integrations themselves.


What you are looking for:

In this role as our Senior Product Manager for our Partner Ecosystem will be responsible for:

  • Owning the roadmap for which third party system integrations are built by Citrix.
  • Performing competitive research and identifying key areas of competitive differentiation, as well as identifying disruptive opportunities.
  • Determining from customer requests, market research, telemetry, and other public data which target systems to prioritise integrations with, and summarising these into brief business case statements.
  • Researching potential target systems to understand what use cases they support, and which should be prioritised for integration into the Workspace.
  • Assisting our Business Analyst team in analysing the legal agreements associated with use of the target systems’ APIs, and highlighting any potential issues to the Legal team, as well as communicating any unusual restrictions to the Engineering team.
  • Specifying the use cases and requirements for connectors to target systems.
  • Being the agile product owner for the in-house scrum team that develops each connector and associated micro applications.
  • Interacting with customers to understand their feedback on the integrations, and what additional use cases they would be interested in adding.
  • Determining whether additional use cases requested by customers are specific to that customer’s deployment of a target system, or whether they are generally applicable, and therefore whether to recommend external consultancy services to the customer.
  • Working with the wider Ecosystem PM team to foster a culture of platform building: API-first development, implementation of features using our own APIs, and ensuring that third-party developers are considered at every stage of the process.

Education and Experience Required:

Demonstrable technical ability to understand API documentation.
Experience interacting with customers.
Ability to prioritise requirements from a variety of sources.
Ability to write high quality product requirement specifications.
Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
Ability to multi-task across a wide range of partners simultaneously.
Ability to prototype integrations using modern SaaS systems’ REST/SOAP APIs.
Experience of working with a variety of SaaS applications (e.g. SalesForce, ServiceNow, Workday).
Experience of having worked as an agile product owner.
Experience of managing relationships with external partners, at a technical/PM level.
Experience reviewing API legal agreements.