Senior Product Manager

Full-Time Brighton Salary: Competitive

ProdPad is a fast growing, Brighton based tech startup. We are currently looking to hire an experienced product person to join us as a Senior Product Manager.

This is quite a special role! You’ll be the product manager at ProdPad, the software for product managers, and you’ll have a chance to work directly with Janna Bastow, Simon Cast, and other product professionals. Our mission is to help companies build better products and to save them from bad product practices, and we practice what we preach.

Our company was founded by two product leaders, and we’ve regularly hired product managers to take on various roles along the way, but this would be the first official product management role in the company. It’s exciting!

You’ll initially report to our CEO, Janna Bastow, and work closely with our CTO, Simon Cast (who will be on parental leave for the early part of your journey at ProdPad)

We’ve grown a lot, and have a lot of ambition to discover new problems and continuously find new ways to solve them, and you’ll play a big part in that.

About us:

ProdPad is cloud-based product management software used by 1000+ companies, including market leaders like Bose, WP Engine, Rackspace, Airbus, and Amazon.

It’s a “software as a service” (SaaS) web tool designed to help teams build better products. By providing a single interface that collects all of the input from an organisation’s broad base of users (both external prospects & customers, and internal groups – like sales, customer care and development), ProdPad provides product managers a beautiful interface to organise their product backlog, build their roadmap, and send their requirements to development via any of our incredibly useful integrations.

When hiring, we are always on the lookout for ways to hook up with the best and most interesting candidates out there. We go beyond the standard  “job ad” approach – attending conferences, setting up and sponsoring local meetups, setting tech challenges (which we pay for) so candidates can see what life is really like at ProdPad, and of course offering flexibility to enable our team to balance their work and personal commitments.

About the Job:

You’ll be joining at a pivotal time in the company’s growth. We’ve just doubled in team size, and we’re taking on more and more interesting initiatives every day. For example, you’ll be joining as we begin looking at building out our marketplace, and exploring other areas of opportunity in adjacent spaces, while continuously improving ProdPad for a fast growing market of product people. This is why we need your help!

You’ll be involved in a wide range of activities:

  • You’ll work closely with our leadership team to understand and help set company level objectives. We use OKRs (Objectives & Key Results), alongside product roadmapping processes for both the product and our other business areas.
  • You’ll help communicate these objectives and map out the product path to these objectives with the rest of the team. As part of this, you’ll maintain and communicate the product roadmap
  • You’ll be in charge of nurturing the product backlog and guiding on prioritisation decisions. This involves asking the right questions of the customers and experts around you, and making decisions on priority of work to be done.
  • You’ll work closely with our development team, participating in development cycle meetings and reviews (our version of agile sprints, which allows us to release twice a week and iterate often).
  • You’ll work with the design team on regular user testing, helping to design experiments and to understand the results and their impact on the product.
  • You’ll work with our product specialist to understand industry/competitive trends, customer feedback and the history behind our app.
  • You’ll do continuous product discovery, by talking to customers regularly to gather insight on how they work and how that might impact ProdPad’s direction. Our customers are product people themselves, which means they understand how important it is for us to listen to their needs and are really engaged.
  • We practice what we preach, and so you’ll join us in using ProdPad (and lots of other great team collaboration tools) to help manage the product.

This is not an exhaustive list. One of the many benefits of working at ProdPad is that as a rapidly growing company, there is plenty to put your stamp on within the organisation. If you have ideas – share them, you never know where it might lead!

About you:

  • You’re intensely curious and open minded.
  • You have at least a few good years of product management experience, and many stories to share about what you’ve learned along the way.
  • You’ve led teams, either directly or indirectly.
  • You’re located in Brighton or near enough to join us in our main office most days, but are comfortable working from home or wherever life and work takes you.
  • You have enough years of experience in product management and enough depth of knowledge of the B2B tech space to share this with the team and be seen as a leader.
  • You know when an MVP is needed and when you need to go above and beyond to delight your users, and can guide the team towards the right approach.
  • You’re experienced in designing and managing an experiment-led product management process.
  • You understand the importance of team collaboration, and have experience bringing teams together
  • You take part in the product community. Bonus if you’re have already spoken at events/meetups/conferences to share your product experiences, or even if you’re up for giving it a go.

If this describes you, and you are looking for an exciting new challenge in the world of Product Management, send us your CV and a covering letter telling us why this is the perfect role for you.

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