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Part-Time London Closes: 2019-11-08

Teach Monster Games is a social enterprise and multiple BAFTA award-nominated educational games studio, funded by the Usborne Foundation. It is best known for Teach Your Monster to Read which helps small children learn to read and is now one of the world’s leading literacy products, being used by a million children every month, and still growing fast.

We are looking for a freelance product manager to help support us getting some of our newer products and games built and released.

Working with us gives you an opportunity to work on projects delivering real social value all over the world, but in an environment run more like a startup.

  • Ongoing contract, with three months initial contract
  • Pay negotiable depending on experience
  • Part time – minimum 2-3 days a week, with potentially more work available for the right person
  • Remote working, but required to be in our office in London at least once a week
  • Looking for someone to start as soon as possible

What you’ll be doing

Alongside our flagship game, we’re currently in the process of developing a number of exciting new games and apps, with the aim to help children eat more healthily and improve their well-being in a fun and engaging way.

We need someone who can help with the following:

  • Work with both technical and educational experts to develop and deliver a clear vision, roadmap and strategy for our new products, which ensures they are both fun and impactful
  • Hire and guide the best possible teams to help get these roadmaps achieved
  • Test with our users and gather data and feedback to constantly improve and iterate on these products
  • Help us improve the current process for developing games and products, both within these teams and across the organisation

What we’re looking for

Our ideal candidate is:

  • Highly experienced with a proven track-record creating games/apps/software in the most efficient, cost-effective and iterative ways possible (particularly working in small teams)
  • Always thinking about how to get more done with less, and focussed as much on what not to build as what we should be building
  • Confident building teams and finding and hiring the right people for the right role
  • Willing to get your hands dirty when needed, but always able to delegate or assign the right people to the right role when needed
  • Naturally user-centred, always keen to test any assumption or feature on those who will actually use it, and comfortable using both qualitative and quantitative data to assess any hypothesis made
  • Able to create and communicate a vision, and hold other team members accountable to this vision whilst ensuring they still remain as autonomous as possible
  • Good at both giving and receiving clear and candid feedback, and encouraging others in the team to do similarly

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