Global Capabilities Manager

The Mobile Experience team is a newly formed group responsible for designing the next generation mobile user experience. Comprised of product, design and marketing professionals, we are excited about building a truly great experience for customers which goes well beyond today’s offerings. Combining a deep understanding of user needs with the latest technology and a detailed knowledge of Tesco systems and processes, we conceive and build the next wave of mobile apps and sites that will enable our customers to enjoy a truly cross-channel shopping experience.

The Role

As a Group Marketing function, the team provides both guidelines (‘blueprints’) and capabilities in delivering mobile products for customers, across all of the countries that Tesco operates in.  This requires us to manage key stakeholders in all Tesco countries, as well as understanding differences in customer behavior/needs and variances in individual countries’ capabilities, resources, platforms, etc.

The International Capabilities Manager will work closely with all the countries that Tesco operates in, but primarily be responsible for countries outside the UK as the team already has relationships with the relevant UK functions.  The role will require clear communication of the mobile roadmap and future plans to all Tesco countries, generating buy-in and acting as a conduit between product owners and key stakeholders in each country.

The role is based in central London, but will require some travel to Welwyn Garden City where most of the Group Marketing and IT functions are located.  It will also entail travel to Tesco countries (Central Europe, Korea, China and SE Asia), although it is expected that much of the day to day liaison can be done via phone, email or teleprescence.

Skill Set & Experience

  • Intellectual horsepower (highly analytical and strategic)
  • Drives for results in prioritized manner (balanced sense of urgency)
  • Listening skills, minimal ego (listen first, then respond)
  • Organized and attention to detail approach (strong tactical execution)
  • Collaborative (works with peers across many functions within the company)
  • Some technical experience required (enough to understand key differences in platforms or technical capabilities)
  • Experience in matrix organisations preferred
  • Digital product development and/or digital marketing experience preferred

To apply please send your CV to