Product Manager

Geckoboard is a growing product company on a mission — we’re transforming the way businesses work by making their most important data visible, understandable, and inspiring for teams. Our product turns the complex challenge of building a data dashboard into something simple enough for a busy leader to get done themselves in an afternoon.

We see two main challenges for us: we want it to be easy as possible for our customers to get their data into Geckoboard, and we want our customers to create dashboards so good that people will think they’d been professionally designed. Our Product Managers are responsible for the quality of their team’s product area and each team member understands and cares deeply about the problems we’re solving. We’re here for the long haul to create a product our customers love and we can all be immensely proud of.

Joining us in our leafy East London office, you’ll be working in small cross-functional teams alongside software engineers, designers and testers, taking a lean approach to developing and iterating on features. You’ll work deeply in your product area but also hold a broad understanding of our wider product and company goals. Our cycles are 6 weeks, but we ship continuously within them – we’ve found this is long enough to deliver meaningful work but short enough to iterate and take feedback on board quickly. We encourage innovation and value different perspectives and as a result individuals on your team may change each cycle.

Our Product Managers:

  • Deeply understand our customers: You’ll develop a deep understanding of the problems you’re working on, through research and regularly speaking with our customers. From the nuances of the customer journey, to the ins and outs of how Geckoboard works.
  • Manage the roadmap: Working together with our VP of Product (Ben), you’ll scope out tasks and prioritise work so that your team is always delivering on the most impactful projects.
  • Bring the team together: You will define and frame problems for your team, then collaborate with them to figure out the best solution.
  • Keep everyone in the loop: From your team to the wider company, you’ll be sharing the “who, what, why and when” of product decisions and work with Marketing and Customer Success on how best to communicate what’s happening to our customers.
  • Use data: You’ll gather and analyse data, both quantitative and qualitative, to ensure we’re making the best decisions about what we work on and whether or not our solutions help solve the problem, before and after release.
  • Ship great product: You’ll work closely with the designers and software engineers  on your team to create incredibly high quality, easy-to-use solutions that resolve customer struggles.
  • Contribute to our product vision: Keeping the long-term interests and success of our customers at the forefront of your mind, paired with understanding our business strategy and the market, you’ll help guide the direction of Geckoboard.

Success in this role looks like:

  • You own your product area: you’re comfortable defining and prioritising problems for your team to solve, and you know how to define the success criteria for the work you’re planning to do.
  • You work collaboratively: with the developers and designers on your team, your manager (the VP of Product, Ben), and your teammates in Customer Success and Marketing.
  • Your seen as a Product Expert: you can answer any question about the product (or go find out the answer and learn!).
    Your team think of you as their Customer Expert: You understand why people choose to buy Geckoboard, the situations they’re in when they go looking, the progress they’re hoping to make, how they evaluate our tool, and use it on an ongoing basis.
  • You’re trusted: your team say that they trust your decisions and value the feedback you provide.

In your first 90 days you will have:

  • Shipped multiple new features/updates to our customers.
  • Established a regular cadence of customer/user contact.
  • Settled into the team; you’re working collaboratively to define and scope future work.

You should apply if:

  • You’re passionate about building products users love.
  • You have experience working in a product management role as part of a product-oriented company.
  • You measure the quality of your work by the impact it has for real users.
  • You care about great usability and aesthetics.
  • You’re intellectually curious, and can understand and explain how complex systems work.
  • You ruthlessly slice work down into small, independently valuable pieces.
  • You’re a clear and persuasive communicator; you know everybody won’t always agree with your decisions, but you can bring them along.
  • You leave your ego at the door; you know that your way isn’t always the right path and seek our different perspectives.
  • You are analytical and data-informed, but know that nothing beats speaking to customers to guide your decision making process.
  • You’re excited by the work we’re doing at Geckoboard (tell us why in your application)!

Curious to learn more about what it’s like working with the team and what an average weeks looks like for a Product Manager at Geckoboard. Helena, one of our PM’s recently wrote a post about just that:

At this time, we’re only considering candidates who are able to work from our London office primarily. We can also offer sponsorship to those who would like to join us in our London office, as well as some relocation assistance if you’re moving countries to be with us.

Our interview process consists of an initial call, take-home task and a half day interview.