Full-Time London Salary: £60k-£80k Closes: 2019-12-13

At Zencargo, we are obsessed with optimising our clients supply chains. We have built out a team of nearly 100 people, including 40 people across product, engineering and design.

Whilst Supply Chain Management is a complex and multi-stakeholder process, the core is relatively simple: ensure that the right inventory is in the right place at the right time, at the lowest possible cost.

Increasingly, the difference between getting this right and wrong is the difference between business success and failure for our clients, across revenue, cost and carbon footprint. There is a real need to radically change how supply chains with uncertain demand take informed decisions and work collaboratively internally and with external stakeholders.


We’re looking for our fourth Product Manager to work alongside our growing team of engineers, designers and analysts. We work in small cross-functional squads of no more than 8, and the PM role is integral to making our vision come to life. You’ll own and push forward a squad with the mission of building out our web application to unlock collaboration and smart decision making for the various parties in our customers’ supply chains, including logistics managers, freight forwarders and manufacturers.

Working alongside our three current PMs, you’ll have a role to play in both the strategic level and the day-to-day execution level. You can expect a high degree of autonomy and a great deal of support from us. You’ll work with internal stakeholders including our in-house forwarder team; our customers, who are businesses that need to ship their goods around the world; and the suppliers and businesses that manufacturer and provide those goods.

At the strategic level, we also expect you to have a real voice in crafting and executing our overall product strategy as one of the product leaders at Zencargo:

  • Drive and codify the product strategy with the other PMs, based on the founders’ vision
  • Over communicate the strategic value behind Zencargo’s data product internally
  • Support the other business units to ensure we are building quality internal tooling that scales with us.

Day-to-day, you’ll work across the product development cycle:

  • Carry out user research and analyse opportunities by staying close to our customers, suppliers, and our competition
  • work within a small cross-functional squad and be accountable for your squad’s roadmap
  • communicate progress and be a cheerleader for your squad’s efforts to all stakeholders internally and externally
  • collaborate closely with our team to scope out features, acting as the customer’s voice in prioritisation, scoping, and business value discussions
  • Support engineering as they continuously deliver minimal releases and reflexively iterate based on feedback led by you