Agile Business Analyst

Working as an Agile Business Analyst at Redgate is great because my whole stakeholder group is accessible and so engaged. I have the freedom to choose how to work with them and to create and use any technique I like to reach our project deliverables. My personal development and that of the business analysis function are important to Redgate, and that feels awesome. Zara Sheldrake, Business Analyst

We’re looking for two top notch Agile Business Analysts to help boost this increasingly vital function. This is a small but growing area for Redgate and we’re excited to see where we can get to next with some new skills, knowledge and ideas. It’s a great opportunity for someone to help shape our constantly evolving BA practices. To learn more about BA at Redgate, check out the Redgate blog.

We’ve got two roles open for you to consider, take a look and tell us which one gets you fired up!

Agile Business Analyst – CORE Services (internal IT department)

Now is an exciting time to be joining CORE Services as an Agile Business Analyst. Over the next few months and years, CORE will be leading several of the company’s most important strategic projects, delivering crucial insight and capabilities to the rest of Redgate. Business Analysis is only growing in importance in the department, and our BA practices are constantly evolving. Upon joining the team, you will have a key role to play in both delivering those projects, and pushing the evolution of Agile Business Analysis at Redgate.

You’ll be responsible for…

Helping to shape and deliver strategic projects to the rest of the business. You will play a key part in our internal Agile project teams.

You’ll achieve this by…

Working with project stakeholders to understand the issues they face, gathering requirements and converting them into user stories to assist the team in implementing the solutions
Acting as one of the main liaisons between project teams and users, championing the users’ needs throughout
Undertaking third-party vendor research and analysis, as well as constructing business cases for implementing change (whether change of technology, process, business structure etc.)
We’re interested in…

Experience of a range of both ‘IT solutions’ and ‘people and process’ projects
Agile Business Analyst – DLM Division (products division)

What’s DLM? Good question, it stands for Database Lifecycle Management and you can read more about that here. At the moment this role will be focused on SQL Source Control which is a core tool in the DLM product set. We’re investing heavily in SQL Source Control, and you’ll be working with the Product Manager to make this a market-leading product for Redgate.

You’ll be responsible for…

Providing clear and validated direction for the development team to make sure they are working on the right things in the right priority order based on the product strategy as outlined by the Product Manager.

You’ll achieve this by…

Gathering requirements from the Product Manager, from customers and users and translating these in to an up-to-date backlog of stories for the development team
Using a variety of methods for collecting your data including customer visits, surveys and forums
Building great relationships internally particularly with the development team, Project Manager and Product Manager
Working closely with the development team during implementation, helping to ensure the team understand the backlog and why the work is being carried out
We’re interested in…

People with experience in our domain, specifically software for Microsoft database developers and administrators, specifically SQL Server
What makes you Redgate’s next Agile Business Analyst?

Demonstrable experience as a Business Analyst, or other relevant industry experience
Strong experience working in Agile teams of some description
Focussed on delivering value to users
Superb analytical skills
Proven ability to provide insight and understanding for complex technical and business problems
Excellent communication and consensus building skills
Able to work independently to tackle complex problems
Ability to correlate ideas from a variety of sources and make informed decisions
Strong, creative problem solving skills with a strong desire to drive projects forward
Self-motivated and enthusiastic
Flexible and approachable
Reliable and trustworthy
What would help?

Holding the BCS diploma in Business Analysis, or equivalent qualification, would be advantageous

What’s the package?

A great benefits package
A commitment to your continuous learning and development
Salary is £35k-£55k, depending on experience
You’ll work about 40 hours a week, with flexible work time
How to apply

Simply upload your CV and covering letter, tell us which role you identify with most, or get in touch if you’d like to talk to us first.

If you don’t see yourself as fitting quite into one of these descriptions but still think you’d be a valuable Agile Business Analyst for Redgate, then please apply and tell us in your covering letter what we’re missing.