Full-Time London Salary: Depends on Co-Founder or Manager Role (£3000 - £4500) Closes: 2020-01-09

The Lifefulness Project is a culture transformation start up tackling one society’s greatest problems: the twin crisis of meaning and belonging. This crisis links Trump and the gilets jaunes,to rising mental and physical health problems, as well as polarized online debate.

The platform we’re building will democratise the most powerful tools of personal and cultural transformation, to help businesses and communities create meaning and belonging. We will use the internet to bring people together in person!

We are seeking either a Product Co-Founder, or a Product Manager, to build the MVP.  You’ll join a project led by Sanderson Jones co-founder of the international Sunday Assembly community-building movement, an Ashoka Fellow and pioneer of Lifefulness.


What’s Lifefulness?

Lifefulness (TEDx talk here) inclusively reimagines the techniques of the congregation (just as mindfulness adapted the Buddhist meditation) in a way that everyone can take part. Why? Because the congregation is the most effective social structure at creating meaning and belonging.


From Idea to MVP to Scale

After 8 months of user research, and customer development on Entrepreneur First, we’re ready to build an MVP that will deliver huge value to customers.

Today culture isn’t a fluffy, ‘nice to have’ but a vital competitive advantage in a world where companies with a good culture outperform their competitors by 20% (Edmans). But only 30% of the US workforce are engaged and committed to their companies (esp. millennials and Gen Z). Companies with the highest engagement scores have 41% less absenteeism, 59% less turnover and 21% more profitability than those companies with the lowest.

In mid-January The Lifefulness Project will pitch for pre-seed investment to EF, which would then lead to a Demo Day in March and a seed round. (If this funding route doesn’t work, others will be pursued).

The Role

As Product Co-Founder / Product Manager you would take the product from 0 to 1, building on insights that have come from the extensive customer development process.

You’ll figure out problems, conceptualise solutions, validate them with consumers and create the MVP.  You should (obviously) thrive in a startup environment and subscribe to lean methodologies and principles of product development


  • Build a working MVP to put in the hands of users, and iterate on it.
  • Create a product demo for Demo Day.
  • Establish the product roadmap.


  • Demonstrable experience bringing a product from concept to completion and launch
  • Outstanding leadership and influencing abilities across colleagues and stakeholders
  • A proven track record of taking ideas and bringing them to life
  • Constantly experimenting with new technologies and tools to drive innovation and creativity
  • Thrive in uncertainty – ideally in an agency, business and/or startup environment
  • Passion about the mission and aligned on values.

Product Co-Founder vs Product Manager

This role could be for ideal for someone who is at the right time in their life to become a co-founder, but that isn’t everyone. We need to build an MVP, which could be done by a brilliant salaried employee, or co-founder who is ready to start a big new adventure.

Hyper Enthusiastic Equal Opportunities Employer

We don’t just accept diversity — we love it, support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products, our community and the whole world.

Application Timelines

The sooner you apply the better. With Christmas round the corner, and a mid-January pitch day, time is of the essence.


The salary depends on whether you would take the Co-Founder or Product Manager role. There are also different ways that the work could be structured. With those provisos expect a range of £3000 – £4500 / month.

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