Product Manager, Performance Marketing

Do you eat, sleep, and dream attribution models? Do you confuse your friends at parties by changing the topic from the latest rugby scores to discussions about enabling the latest great CRM campaign? Have you got SEO and SEM tattooed on your left and right hands? Are “acquire” and “retain” your meditation mantras? Do you feel equally comfortable in the world of Product Management and Performance Marketing?

If so, we’ve got the role for you!

We’re seeking a brilliant and motivated Product Manager to oversee our activities in creating and enabling a world-class performance marketing function. You’ll work with one foot in the Product Team, and the other in the Marketing Team to create the technology which underpins existing and new activities in performance marketing. You’ll have an expanding team of blue-ribbon marketers on one side, helping them establish and improve work across the online spectrum, and a dedicated team of developers on the other, building functionality to unlock the most successful acquisition and retention processes.

You’re joining us fairly early in the journey, as we’ve got huge room to grow and improve what we’re doing. As such, you’ll be steering new concepts, and helping to establish new ways of working which will have an impact on countless customers. At the same time, we’ll be moving quickly and confidently, and the nature of our business means we’ll test, learn, and iterate at a tremendous pace.

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