Product Analyst

Can you apply analytical insight to raise standards in maths education? Then join the digital learning revolution.


We live in a data-driven world. The 21st century belongs to those who can work comfortably with data and return deep, actionable insights. With the rise of digital learning technologies that track and adapt to students’ every interaction, there is unprecedented opportunity to harness data in helping every child develop love and mastery of mathematics.

Whizz Education is at the forefront of the EdTech space. Our award-winning virtual tutor, Maths-Whizz, has delivered personalised tutoring to over 350,000 students aged 5-13 worldwide and is currently operational in eight international markets. We have accumulated a wealth of data and insight over the past decade and are now looking to grow our market presence by taking intelligent tutoring to the next level.

We are recruiting for a graduate entry Product Analyst to drive new insights and innovation around digital learning. If you have an aptitude for problem solving and relish the opportunity to work with a talented team to effect positive change in education then this is the role for you.

This role will be based out of our main office in Paddington, London. We are looking to fill the role immediately but encourage finalists to apply as we are open to waiting until the summer.

Key Deliverables:

To give you a flavour of your day-to-day responsibilities, here are some of the deliverables that would be expected of you within the first year.

Within 3 Months:

➢ Command an understanding of the Maths-Whizz product suite and the Whizz Product Development Cycle.
➢ Assume ownership of business data requirements, working with cross-departmental stakeholders to collect and analyse key insights into user behaviours.
➢ Oversee the specification and testing of every layer of reporting to ensure they are robust and accurate at all times.
➢ Embed data analytics into the planning and release stages of all product features.

Within 12 Months:

➢ Extend the existing framework for reports to facilitate automated testing at scale.
➢ Design an Internal Reporting Tool that provides the Product team with key user insights on demand.
➢ Support development of other analytical aspects of Product, including Tutor 2.0 and teacher recommendation tools.
➢ Investigate the use of third party analytics tools to enhance Whizz’s existing data capabilities.
➢ Work with key customers to evaluate the impact of Maths-Whizz on students around the world.

Our expectations of you:

• Firm grounding in Statistics, as evidenced by your undergraduate degree.
• Demonstrable proficiency with SQL and, preferably, at least one of Python/R/PHP.
• Divergent thinker who can develop creative, innovative product solutions.
• Ruthless attention to detail; unwilling to leave any discrepancy unaccounted for.
• Analytical skills that translate into sound Product intuition; able to see how all the pieces of a product should integrate to deliver a quality user experience.
• Exceptional oral and written communication; can inform and inspire diverse stakeholders with clear, reliable summaries.
• Connect with the vision of intelligent tutoring, excited by their promise to revolutionise maths education the world over.

How to apply:

Please send a cover letter and CV to the Head of Product, Junaid:

We will be looking for demonstrable evidence of your problem solving skills and ability to work with data to deliver insight.