L4/L5 Product Manager, Machine Learning Platforms

Hello Product Folks, I’ve got an exciting opportunity at Wayfair that I want to highlight to you all. We’re looking for a Senior Product Manager for our Machine Learning Platforms team (title/comp commensurate with experience).

How do you seamlessly train and launch thousands of important business impacting models every year? At massive scale and response times in the sub 10ms range? From training to production use in the same day? That’s the problem this role is challenged with solving.

This is an exciting role charged with helping our team of over 200 Data Scientists develop models faster and turn them into scalable applications across Wayfair. Empowering any team across the company with self-service software to deploy, manage, and integrate models with their systems without the need for specialized ML knowledge.

As the PM in this role you’d own a platform composed of three products:

1. Crucible: The Feature Library

Reusable features across data stores and environments. Drastically reducing the amount of time data science spends preparing and validating data. No more feature disagreements between people and environments.

2. Mesa Hub: a “Github” for your models

Packaging models, related files and features together for better version control and deployment.

3. Sweetwater: a real-time model serving platform

Easily create containerized applications from model storage models and deploy into production without custom code. Scale up and down as needed. Integrate with other systems. Your model as a service with the push of a button.