Product Manager

As a Product Manager at Campaign Monitor, you’ll be responsible for managing and driving the product roadmap to ensure our software continues to exceed the expectations of our customers. To achieve this you’ll be interacting with our customers to understand their needs, have an informed opinion on the evolving market we compete in and identify opportunities we have to delight our customers and continue to help grow their business and ours.

This is a role for a strategic thinker and strong communicator who can rally the entire team behind their compelling vision for our product. You should be good at saying no and understand the balance between building great software, and shipping great software. You’ll need to be analytical and not release into a vacuum. This means defining and tracking important business and usage data to measure the results for product areas you own.

You’ll be working closely with design, engineering, marketing and customer support to drive large product initiatives from inception, through development, release and beyond to ensure we continue to deliver amazing experiences for our customers.

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