Developing software for autonomy, mobility, user experience and the connectivity of vehicles and physical infrastructure today is hard and mostly gated.

Can we give developers, automotive companies and mobility innovators better tools to work with?

Can we create a better software ecosystem that enables daily software deployments, excites developers that were not excited before to write software for automotive and mobility?

Can we do all that while maintaining the highest standards of safety and software quality?

These are the questions that the Software Platform Product team must answer through innovative solutions in Data, Simulation, Developer Tools, Cloud, and Vehicle Middleware.

    Constantly find ways to disrupt the current market through a solid understanding of the industry and trying what has not been tried before in automotive.
  • Identify possible customers for your product and develop a product vision and a business plan.
  • Work with multiple teams across the organization to turn a high level vision and into actionable requirements.
  • Engage with vendors to make build-vs-buy decisions.
  • Convey your vision of the next product increment by working together closely with a Scrum team and having rich face to face communication every day.
  • Create product requirement documentation, developer materials and work with teams to automate product releases.
  • Create and continuously refine a product road map focused on providing continuous value to end-users of our products.
  • Maximize the RoI of your product by regularly inspecting it and collecting feedback from your end-users. Adapt your road map and backlog if correction is needed.
  • Continuously maintain a backlog focused on maximizing RoI and work with a Scrum team to refine it. Ensure that your team can constantly deploy new features in small frequent batches and creates value after each sprint.
  • Engage in depth with Open Source communities (e.g., Autoware, Linux Foundation), start-up companies in the mobility space, to gain product adoption in production: from developer workstations to vehicles manufactured at scale.
  • Engage with other Toyota companies to gain adoption: Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC Japan), Toyota Motor North America (TMNA), Toyota Connected (TC).
  • Work closely with Toyota Research Institute (TRI) to collaborate through a product specification and code sharing.
    Occasionally travel internationally to achieve product adoption goals.

If you are currently located outside of Japan, don’t worry, we’ll set an interview over Google Hangout Meet or Skype.


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