Product Manager

About At-Bay

At-Bay is a quickly­ growing cyber insurance startup. What’s cyber insurance, you ask? We’re selling insurance to companies against cyber attacks. It’s a pretty unique combination of fintech/insurtech and cyber security that takes us to new territories no man or woman has gone before.

We are an insurance company built by cyber security experts, because cyber risk requires a complete redesign of how risk is selected and priced. By better understanding cyber risk, we can create better insurance products and services. Cyber insurance is the fastest growing insurance line today as companies become increasingly reliant on digital operations. We are currently 35 people in total split across our main offices in Mountain View and San Francisco, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel.


Your impact

Our core thesis is that to solve the cyber risk question and close the knowledge gap in cyber insurance, we need to control it end to end and internalize learnings from all of its aspects. Operations and execution are key factors in how successful we are.

You will be driving the efforts to provide great software to our risk ops and sales teams. You will be a pivotal player in the building of our risk machine and a driver of our CRM implementation for our sales team. You will interact with our external apps product manager to have external apps reflect the output coming from the risk machine, as well as drive changes in the risk machine that will enable our external tools to provide better user experience to brokers and clients.

Our teams have quite a diverse multidisciplinary background that you will need to build common tools and language for. You will be the one creating bridges of technology and design between cyber security, risk, insurance, and sales experts.



  • Understand At-Bay’s philosophy and strategic goals to identify opportunities to build internal tools that advance them.
  • Analyze internal processes in risk and sales ops to find needs and develop prioritized product requirements. Dive deeper to find the true essence and reasons for how things are done and come up with new innovative ways of achieving more.
  • Set KPIs and a roadmap for your area, and coordinate activity across the User Experience, Engineering, and Risk Research teams in light of your roadmap.
  • Lead the end-to-end success of projects from requirements definition through design, development, launch, and post-launch analysis.
  • Develop great taxonomies and data models to power our data platform and its applications.
  • Guide a team of world-class engineers in building amazing software.
  • Communicate nonstop: broadcast the plan and listen to feedback, separating signals from noise, releasing incremental value that your clients acknowledge, use, and become more productive.


Attributes and Qualifications: 

  • You’re very sharp, curious, and hungry for intellectual challenges.
  • You’re a creative and (eventually) successful problem-solver.
  • You are first to detect patterns, identify root causes, connect the dots, and break down big problems into smaller ones.
  • You’re passionate about building things that make an impact and you’re not afraid to work hard to get them built.
  • You’re a pathfinder. You can lead a team from chaos and a high degree of ambiguity towards a successful destination.
  • You’re an amazing team player: you make everyone else on the team better and you don’t let your ego get in the way.
  • You’re a “design thinker,” placing the users of your system first, observer their needs empathetically and holistically and find elegant solutions.
  • You’re thinking big picture but zooming into the details to produce well-defined solution specifications.
  • You know how to use wireframes and other visual ways to express current and desired systems and flows.
  • You have proven experience of successfully launching software products.
  • An undergraduate degree, preferably in a STEM major.
  • Strong technical background. Strong plus if you already know what DNS, IP addresses, ports, databases, WHOIS records, and other software/computer networking concepts are.
  • Ability to travel approximately one week per quarter.


What you’ll get

  • A competitive salary and options package
  • An amazing role and professional growth opportunity
  • Passionate, smart, and fun people to work with