Product People’s mission is to help companies discover and build great products. Faster.

We upgrade product teams through consulting, coaching, training, working hand-on and acting as a sparring partner for management. This is the first permanent hire and reports directly to the founder.

About the Role

  • Build MVPs or serve as an Interim Product Manager: Our clients engage us at various stages of their product life cycle. This role takes you from validating, building MVPs to launching them, salvaging a stuck initiative, helping a scale-up reach their KPIs or steering a product pivot.
    Solve Hard Problems. Deal with difficult people and high-pressure situations. Have timely reactions. Gracefully manage clients that are pushing you to execute on initiatives that will hurt them. Align them on building the right stuff. It’s going to be worth it.
  • Network or write. Help bring in new clients by going to relevant industry events, building your online presence or by writing about product management.
  • Rinse and Repeat. Reach the goal and make the client happy. Ideally, get them to renew. Else immerse yourself in a new company, team, product or initiatives every 1-4 months with teams of 5-20 people.
  • Remote friendly. You can work from home unless the client requests you on-site, and some do.


About You

  • Fix the mess. Just like Marie Kondo, we are not called up when things are going well. It doesn’t come naturally for anyone to bring in external help unless they are in pain. You are prepared for that and show signs of a fast turnaround while building up towards the client’s strategic long term goals.
  • Influence without formal authority. Effectively manage stakeholder groups comprising of strong personalities. You integrate quickly and are accepted by new teams in days rather than weeks. People want to work with you again and again.
  • Focus on Impact. Own key goals and ruthlessly prioritize outcomes and fast learning cycles. Communicate a compelling narrative about the product (and each existing/potential feature): what problem it solves, for whom, how and why solving this problem matters in the first place.
  • Zoom in and out. Dive deep into the details or switch to a high-level view. Understand how deep or wide you need to go. Break down complex initiatives into manageable, quantifiable work for the team.
  • Jack of all trades master of some. You’ve built great user experiences and shipped simple, pleasant, productive user-facing products in a highly dynamic environment. 3+ years of experience, technical or design backgrounds are a plus but not mandatory.

About us

  • Accelerated development. Come in as a Product Manager, leave as Director. Our goal is to have a steep learning curve and networking opportunities so that when it’s time for you to move on, you will become the next product leaders at top companies. Or a similar high impact role.
  • Remote-first, with regard to client preferences. We don’t have an office and are not planning to have one. And, while we try to minimize the on-site time, there are projects and clients who require it. We’re in Germany after all :).
  • Uncapped bonuses. We want to make our clients happy and optimize for our long-term success. You’ll get a bonus for every project you run, one when your project is extended and a commission for every project you bring in.
  • Equity for each employee who passes the probation period. We want to build up and incredible team and brand.

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