Product Manager

Kindeo is an early stage start-up, a product for families everywhere. We’re looking for a Product Manager to be able to get us from where we are and work towards Series A.

We are creating a product for families to share their memories with each other, using the power of video. These memories are not only amazingly valuable in strengthening family bonds but also make up a life story to pass to the next generation and further. Kindeo is the conduit to passing on Life experience and knowledge safely in the family environment.

So much knowledge and wisdom is built up over a lifetime, it should be saved. Imagine being able to hear your great grandmother talk about her childhood, hopes and dreams and passions directly to you.

As a Product Manager you will be the main person running the tight agile team with the focus of making the best product for Kindeo users / families. You will work alongside a React Dev, Node JS developer and a Product Designer as well as close to the Founders.

We are looking for someone that not only loves building great products for users but also wants to be a part of building a company with everything that this entails. We work efficiently and iteratively. So you need to be the kind of person who really thinks about what they’re doing; who tries, tests and refines.

You also need to tick some boxes obviously:
Agile Development Knowledge
Experience with continuously deploying culture
Deep knowledge of Lean Principles
Team Building and Team Dynamics knowledge
User Centric Design knowledge
Scrum and/or Kanban framework knowledge
Passion for great digital products and services
Experience in a start-up environment
Experience with investor and stakeholder relations

We don’t care what gender you are, what religion you believe or not believe in, your sexual orientation, nationality or anything besides how good you are at your job and how passionate you are about joining Kindeo.


John – Founder.