Product Manager

London, UK. We are looking for a mission-oriented, intrinsically motivated product manager to join our team to work on defining the new products we will be developing over 2020 as well as scaling our current product. You will report to the Head of Product, defining, delivering, and taking ownership over the features that will help the construction industry build the future more efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

About Converge
Converge is using sensor data and AI to digitise the construction industry, making it safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. By deploying sensors onto sites, factories, and logistics chains, and combining their data with 3D models, project plans, and economic data, we are enabling the industry to build the future.

Despite being one of the biggest industries in the world, contributing 10-15% of world GDP, construction is the second least digitised industry leading to tiny margins and huge productivity problems, as well as being a big greenhouse-gas producer. Digitisation of the physical reality of construction is the only way to realise the efficiency and sustainability gains the industry needs.

Converge was started five years ago by two Cambridge physicists, and since then we have deployed our technology onto two hundred sites in the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We are still a small team of 25 people, with a global outlook (17 nationalities, offices in London and Hong Kong), and we are looking for smart, intrinsically motivated people to join us on our mission.

About the role
You will have responsibility and ownership over the inception, delivery, and lifecycle management of new product features as we create the products to increase productivity and sustainability in the construction industry. You’ll work directly with our design team and development teams to ship features that enhance the value our products create for the business and our customers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and own sections of the product roadmap, from discovery and user testing through delivery and into lifecycle management.
  • Work with the Head of Product to prioritise and manage the roadmap of features.
  • Work closely with our customers to understand their needs, visiting construction sites and HQs to conduct discovery and user testing, experiencing their pain first hand.
  • Deliver robust, clear, and compelling user stories to the development teams, to ensure we’re always building the right thing at the right time.
  • Effectively communicate the product vision to internal and external stakeholders, getting their buy-in.

About you

  • Two to three years of experience in a product management or product-related role.
  • Worked directly with agile development teams, writing stories and managing backlogs and product features through their full lifecycle.
  • (Bonus) Understand the challenges of working on products that have both digital and physical elements.
  • (Bonus) launched entire products at global scale.

Character traits and cultural fit
We have four key behaviours that are important to our culture at Converge:

  • Outcome focussed: outcomes are more important than outputs; results are more important than activities; done is better than perfect.
  • Scientific: be wrong and learn from it; always challenge your own beliefs, and others’; test and experiment with ideas frequently; be curious and ask questions.
  • Collaborative: always give the benefit of the doubt; bring energy to meetings and discussions; seek out and give direct feedback; no question is a stupid question.
  • Responsible: step up rather than waiting for others; commit and deliver; own your mistakes; create the future, do not wait for it to happen.

It is very important to us that anyone joining the team is aligned with us on these. In addition to these, the following character traits are important to us for this role:

  • You are an excellent and engaging communicator.
  • You are excited by building something new.
  • You strive to learn, continuously, with endless curiosity.
  • You love creating beautiful experiences, dusted with moments of pure delight.
  • You can see the forest and the trees: thinking about the big picture, and obsessing over the details.