Product Owner

We are a team of young and passionate engineers and designers. We are looking for a Product Owner to help us bring better products to our clients.

The ideal candidate would have experience and could:

– contact clients to gather feedback, look for common themes and synthesize it into product requirements.
– validate designs both as initial concepts and after release. Ceaselessly listening to their users to ensure they are actually building a solution to an innate problem our end users our experiencing.
– constantly evaluate our competitors to determine how we best position ourselves to deliver a similar value proposition in a more ideal manner.
– think strategically and set roadmap priorities ensuring we continue to differentiate from the competition.
– be assertive to clients and coworkers
– collaborate and find common language with cross teams of engineers, designers, sales, marketeers, general business
– work collaboratively with engineers to understand when one of their requests comes with a ton of tech debt and identify creative alternatives that still meets the user needs.
– design sprints, execute on the progress and measure it via the chosen techniques and indicates next steps that brings product closer to meet the business goals
– take full responsibility and ownership of the product
– have 2 years of experience on this or similar role
– strong English skills – oral and written
– be passionate about the new technologies (mobile, wearables, iot) and not be afraid of the new challenges.

If you think you could be someone who can help bring our products to the new level, bring the value to the market and have fun along please reach out to us and let’s collaborate together.