Did you hear that DUMBO is looking for a product designer to work on first-class solutions for complex interactive systems and digital high-quality products?

That would be something for you? First, let me tell you a little bit about the position.

You would work at our office in the vibrant »Veedel« Ehrenfeld in Cologne, Germany. Here we produce concepts and design at the same time. You are all about thoughtful ideas, refined user experience and elegant visual design? That’s exactly what we need.

As a product designer you will identify, investigate, and validate the problem, and ultimately craft, design, test and ship the solution. Unlike other companies we do not divide designers into UX designers and visual designers. Product designers at DUMBO are cross-functional. They manage the design process on their team all the way from problem definition to polished pixel. Often, they have deep knowledge or skills in a particular area but are still able to go wide. This requires a diverse set of design skills and experience, and the ability to work with a high degree of autonomy.

What is important to us: Our teams are led by designers, not project managers. Our partners are hands on and everyone works directly with one of them, Robert or Felix. They know how to push design to market. And our new product designer will be capable of that soon, too.

Even though we are a small team, our clients are big brands, global companies and industry leaders. The projects you work on are important to them. They trust us. And we trust you. What else could you ask for?

Let’s see what you’re into.

  • You dig for the problem. You understand the motivations, triggers, aspirations, and goals to identify our users, verify the problem and determine experience KPIs.
  • You find the sweet spot between business and user goals. You understand the product’s lifecycle stage and the business drivers. You know that a great product always fits both its audience as well as its company’s brand.
  • You love user research and user testing. You are people driven as well as data influenced. You prototype, conduct surveys and customer interviews, interpret analytics data, and analyze competitors to fill gaps in understanding.
  • You understand the user’s mental model. You know the user’s understanding and conceptualization of how something works and fits together as part of a larger structure.
  • You care about the way a product feels. You enhance people’s satisfaction with a product by refining the usability, accessibility, and pleasure given in the interaction between a person and a product.
  • You think about the way a product behaves. You think about what the interface does after a person touches it, speaks to it, or looks at it . You create animations, transitions, haptics, and other interactivity to guide and delight.
  • You are passionate about what the product looks like. You have a passion for implementing precise visual design and make sure a person’s interaction is as captivating, efficient and straightforward as possible.
  • You guide the product to the market. You know enough to ensure that the MVP will hit the ground with a high impact. As the design is translated to code, it’s important to get a quick gut check that everything works as intended.

This is what a product designer at DUMBO is all about.

That could be you? Great!

  • You are a professional. Independent, self-confident, structured and with a strong focus on finding solutions.
  • You want to get better. You want to leave the old and break new ground. You’re always one step ahead. That goes without saying.
  • You’ve got a bit of experience. You’ve been around. Ideally you’ve been designing websites and apps for 4 to 6 years.
  • You have excellent communication skills. You don’t hassle with structuring thoughts, presenting results and providing design rationales. Even when it comes to writing all this down.
  • You are a sparring partner for our clients. You listen to our clients and work directly with them and the rest of us. This includes staying up to date on project progress and timeline by yourself.
  • Übrigens. Wir sprechen Deutsch mit unseren Kunden. Allesamt. 🙂

So, what do you think?

Say hi and introduce yourself!