Product Manager

We’re looking for an exceptional Product Manager to join our team and help us make access to knowledge instant, affordable & ubiquitous.

As a Product Manager at Wonder, you’ll own one of the company’s most critical metrics – Client NPS. You’ll work with a team of engineers and a designer to develop and execute a winning product strategy that achieves best-in-class customer satisfaction. You’ll be responsible for leading every part of the product development process, from discovery to design to development and execution.

As a PM at Wonder, you’ll have a huge impact on the success of the company and the lives of our clients and our analysts (we have about 7,000 all around the world!). You’ll work closely with our clients to deeply understand the ins and outs of their workflows, and dive into the data to inform your strategy, and track progress toward your goals.

This is a role with a lot of responsibility & autonomy, and is perfect for self-starters who love to combine their creativity with their analytical prowess.

*What you’ll do:*

  • Product Strategy – Start by deeply understanding our business, our product, our core users, and the drivers of client NPS. Then build out a cohesive product strategy to meet your NPS goals.
  • Discovery & Roadmap – Identify high-potential ideas worthy of research/discovery, and work closely with your stakeholders to explore those ideas, using both qualitative and quantitative data (You’ll need to be very comfortable with both user interviews and data analytics). Then curate and prioritize a roadmap based on the initiatives that are most likely to help you meet your goals.
  • Feature Development – Clearly define the business objective and tech specifications for each project, making sure that engineers are set up for success and that features launch on time. Manage features across phased releases, and ensure continued compatibility with other product teams’ efforts. Success ≠ shipping; success is when your new feature achieves its target, so continue to monitor features post-release to enable kill/keep/tweak decisions.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration – You’ll be working closely with Product Ops, Design, Eng, Customer Success, Data, etc. You’ll need to gather input from your various internal stakeholders as part of your decision-making process, and keep your teammates up to speed on your progress.
  • Stakeholder Communication – With stakeholders across many teams in the company (including the leadership team), you’ll need to win buy-in from different audiences to inspire them to execute and support your strategy, proactively communicate the status of your projects, and clearly & consistently share performance results throughout each feature’s life cycle.

*Who you are: *

  • 2+ years of experience as a Product Manager
  • Demonstrated experience using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to inform successful product decisions
  • Obsession with user-first thinking; consistently demonstrates curiosity about the user
  • Engaging, persuasive communicator with high EQ; strong, clear written and verbal skills
  • Excellent at juggling many balls at once; energized by owning a diverse portfolio of projects
  • A self-starter who loves digging your hands into dynamic problems without clear cut solutions
  • Extremely positive; always looking for a silver lining, sees challenges as opportunities

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